How to make Christmas lunches more enjoyable?


There is only couple of weeks to go until Christmas and while you are working you head might be planning for a Christmas lunch or dinner ideas. Whether you are guests or hosting, here are some tips to make things run as smoothly as possible.

How to make Christmas lunches more enjoyable?

#1 Menu tips

You might need to have the turkey or ham as your tradition. Everything else you can just keep it simple and work with our summer. You know Christmas foods are rich in protein, sugary in desserts and heavy in side dishes. That is the reason why everybody tired after lunch. So make something you know well, taste great and simple so everyone can enjoy. Ask family and friends to bring what their favourite dish so everyone can share and much less left over or prep-works for you. Here is the list we think you can include

Seafood with prawn, baked fish or other pickles with breads 
 can change it with nice dipping sauces

Two type of meats ~ you may already have the ham or turkey 

can do different by adding honey soy and ginger glaze

Great salad selection 

with Asian light salad such as Thai salad

Dumplings, rice, noodle, pasta or potato dishes

Traditional custard, brûlée or pavlova 

or just go with sticky rice and mango

Cheese plates or some grazing fruits 

at the end or how about some mocktails.

#2 Buying tips

You can do so much online for ideas and even get together some menu ideas. Write them down and get a list of recipes. You can sort out the ingredients beforehand.

 This process may lead to shopping online or find out where is the cheapest. For example you might be best to collect some prawns and pop them in the freezer as you know there is no fresh prawns! They all get defrosted from the supermarket. You know this time everyone put the prices up!

#3 Cook & chill tips

Chef are brilliant at planning ahead so nothing come at surprise for them and you can do that too. A week before you can start making your chutney, relish or sauce and pop in the jar then in the fridge. They last for few weeks and taste better and you don't have to do at last minutes.

The turkey and ham can be defrost if you bought them frozen few days before. Your oven space is limited so as he Christmas day go, pop them into the oven as soon as you get up. If the weather is going to be hot on the day, you might opt to cook turkey or glazed the ham the day before then served it cold.

Get your dessert sorted as the meats are in the oven so they can be cook or steam. Then you opt to make couple of side salad and starch dishes. Those can be cook and chill in the fridge as well. 


#3 Prep tips

Be time efficient with time so you can enjoy people company when they visit you. Make as many dishes ahead of time, whether it be a Christmas cake that will last if soaked in alcohol or mince tarts. 

If Champagne or Proseco jelly in a cup with fruit inside might appear to be a dessert trend this year then you can make a day or two before. Laddies and gentleman would love to help out so why dont you pop up some dumplings  for them do do so they feel they are part of your party.


# 4 Cook or reheat and serve

Being a good host these days always has antipasto or grazing platters. This can mean they can take photos with foods and move around the house and enjoy your company. A trend cooking party  that using platters with finger foods instead of large portion and sit down dinner. You might opt for a smaller canape size of foods mixing up with individual meat and salad bowls. 

All you have to do is cooking in smaller size portion so you ask your friends and familly members to help by cutting them up with uniform and small size. You can time it so there are platter then a serve up mixing style. As you don't have to set the table on the day. Cutlery and crockery your party can basically set that while you're waiting for their foods. 


#5 Leftover Tips

After a successful meal and everyone is spread across couches with food comas, the next task to tackle is packing up the leftovers. Use zip-lock bags and containers so guests can take home the delicious food. Ham can last for at least a week if stored in a cloth bag that take out the moisture. Another option is to organise a potluck barbecue with friends. Christmas Day is often with family, so on Boxing Day you can invite people with their favourite leftovers.

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