How To Restocking Your Pantry


 A stocked pantry is the best way to ensure you'll have everything you need to make a healthy and flavorful meal every day. A combination of classic pantry staples such as tin tomatoes, chicken broth and tin beans and flavour-boosting convenience items like herb mixes, soy sauce and jarred pesto are key to keeping your kitchen dinner-ready. 

How To Restocking Your Pantry

Why we need stock pantry?

This kitchen pantry list should include the items you need to prepare healthy recipes, plus a few other ingredients that will make impromptu meals easier and more delicious. If you're building an Asian pantry from scratch, start with the basics and slowly expand your pantry with some of the other ingredients as you're trying new recipes and cooking techniques.

Don't have a large pantry to stock? You can get this list down to go-to foods, the ones you are most likely to use in cooking your meals. This way, you can stock a smaller kitchen pantry cabinet without overwhelming your limited space. 

What do we need?

We suggest you can start with the following.

  1. Meat & Seafood
  2. Vegetable and Fruit
  3. Fresh Spices and Herbs
  4. Rice, Noodle and Pasta
  5. Dairy, Eggs and Small Goods
  6. Frozen items
  7. Lunch and Breakfast
  8. Dry Goods (pantry)
  9. Nuts and Seeds
  10. Seasoning and dry spices
  11. Beverage
  12. Kitchen consumables
  13. Cleaning
  14. Pest and Maintenance 
  15. Office Equipment