Frequently Asked Questions

Are you COVIDSafe?
  • Otao Kitchen works within the Victorian State Government’s Hospitality Industry Guidelines with Covid19 to keep our guests, staff and community safe. Our guests and staff are vaccinated, and they practice Covid19 safety measures. 
  • The safety of visitors and staff is our highest priority. Our new 200m2 Abbotsford Otao Kitchen Cooking School was built in late 2021. We included the latest Covid19 Safe Features so our guests and staff can practice covid safe meeting and cooking: (1) commercial graded aircon system, (2) advance exhausted system, (3) new filtration air system, (4) hand free basins, (5) a 3.6 m high ceiling. 

  • You can only check-in no earlier than 10 minutes before your session, as we might be busy setting up your class. 

  • You are welcome to wear masks and visit the bathroom (if needed) and wash your hands before putting on an apron to get started. 
  • If you tested positive for Covid19 or told to be isolated, please let us know by email with evidence such as confirmation from the Health Department, and we will follow it up. Please do not call us before your class is due to start, as we are likely to be preparing for a class or serving customers.
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