Our story

OTAO Kitchen Cooking School was launched in July 2014 in the vibrant area of Victoria Street Richmond - lovingly referred to as 'little Vietnam'. The story behind the business is underpinned by Chef Ha Nguyen, who originally hails from Hanoi, and his passion for demonstrating and teaching the exotic delights of Asian cuisine while connecting it with his own Vietnamese heritage. Although the original classes focused on Vietnamese dishes, Otao Kitchen has truly embraced Melbourne's cultural diversity by offering classes across a range of other cuisines including Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Dumplings, Indian, Korean, Indonesian (and even French, Italian Spanish and Mexican). Doing this allows patrons to experience a myriad of fascinating food experiences from different cultures.


2014 Otaokitchen launched in Richmond
2016 We launched our 8th cooking class 2018 We launched Vietnam and Japan food tours
In 2020, Covid 19 pandemic, we launched online cooking class
IN 2021 Otao kitchen upgraded its cooking facility from 10 seats to 24-32 seats capacity
In 2022 Otao kitchen join MCB for AIME business promotion event.
In 2022 Otao kitchen won Victorian Tourism Award


Otao kitchen is named after Ông Táo, the Vietnamese Kitchen God. Ông Táo is regarded as the advocate of Vietnamese families to the gods and a messenger between Heaven and Earth. In preparation of a prosperous year, Vietnamese families clean their homes and polish their silver. During the New Year celebrations, Ông Táo comes to serve as the Kitchen God to Vietnamese families. As the old year ends, he flys back to Heaven on a magic-carp reporting on each family’s life and experiences over the past year to the Jade Emperor, the King of Heaven. Ông Táo is regarded as a family member and various prayers and offerings are brought to him at the family altar.