Common Cooking Mistakes & How to Fix Them


It doesn’t matter if you are a professional chef or a home cook, we all have bad days in the kitchen where you accidentally put too much salt in your stew or overcook your pasta. In this blogpost, we would like to share some cooking tips that will save your dinner on one of those bad days!

Common Cooking Mistakes & How to Fix Them

Too Spicy?

Chilies are full of surprises! Sometimes it can be too spicy to handle; sometimes you need to put a little bit more than usual to give you a hint of spiciness. Indian and Thai cuisines are some of the Asian cuisines that are commonly known to be on the spicy side. However, you don’t want your dish to be too painfully spicy to eat as well. If you went slightly heavy hand with the chilli, remember that dairy can help to neutralize the spiciness! You can either add it into your dish or make our chef’s mango mousse with cream to have with your meal. Find out more about Indian  and Thai  cuisines through our cooking classes!

Too Salty?

A direct solution to save over-salted food is to cook more and mix it in with the batch that was too salty! Another useful trick that you might not know is that you can add a raw, sliced potato into your over-salted curry, casserole or stew to allow the potatoes to soak up the excess salt. Once the potato is tender, you can discard them and voila! Your dish is saved! Find out more wats to fix over-salted food here.

Too Sour?

What to do when you realize that your dish is so sour that it’s going to make everyone’s face pucker up when they taste it? Add in something sweet! If you’re making salad dressing with vinegar, add a little bit of honey to balance the acidity. Come and join our cooking classes to learn about flavours from all over the world. Find out how to pair different flavours together to bring out the taste of your food. Don’t miss out on this amazing gastronomical experience! Sign up for our cooking classes today! 

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