Tips and Tricks For Cooking Beautiful Thai Food At Home


Having tasted everything Thai cooking in the restaurant would be amazing things for most of us. Imagine the points you’ll rack up if you can make the easy Thai recipes and dishes to shout your friends at home party. If you are looking to explore Thai Cooking then you might start to see limes, fish sauce, peanuts and rice noodles for your path to create your first Thai meal. Over the time you may see Thai cooking is complex. And the good news is we have this great tips and tricks for should know before they get out the wok or a jar of pad thai sauce.

Tips and Tricks For Cooking Beautiful Thai Food At Home

How To Cook Thai Food Well?

How to cook Thai food well may start with finding good ingredients such as palm sugar, tamarind, fish sauce or chilli will make your Thai food taste beautifully. If you go to most Asian grocer , you might find most of the ingredients. This important ingredient purchase step means using freshly squeezed lime and proper Thai basil, which is available in good Asian grocers. Here are the market you should visit before you can cook Thai food well.

  • Queen Victoria Market
  • Richmond Asian Grocer on Victoria Street Richmond
  • Preston Market
  • South Melbourne Market
  • Spring Vale Market
  • Footcray Market
  • Sunshine Asian Grocer 
  • St Albans Grocers
  • Prahan Market

Cooking Thai Dinner For Friends and Family

Cooking for family and friends are natural steps for man of us. Quite often it can be stressful as you want to impress your loved ones. We encourage you to find a easy simple Thai recipes to cook so you can get a balance in your Thai cooking dinner. This includes choosing a variety of dishes for a meal, which should have a balance of salty, sweet, sour, bitter and hot as well as texture. 


Easy Thai Recipes

Easy Thai recipes may mean less stress at home and quite often the simple is the best policy in cooking at home. I always get asked - what is your favourite dish or favourite restaurant. The asnwer is a difficult one as I like plenty of variety in my everyday foods. To be fair we are one of very lucky nation on earth where we can get many choices at one. Try some classic Thai menu of all time - fish cake, Thai sauce, Thai chicken curry, Pad Thai or Thai Noodles, Thai Beef and Thai Dessert.


How To Make Thai Paste

To make a Thai Sauce it is best with mortar and pestle. If you an aspiring Thai cooks is to make pastes and even coconut cream, from scratch. It may take some time but a good curry paste for dinner for four people that's about two or three tablespoons of curry paste. It takes about 5 minutes to pound in a mortar and pestle. But it's buying the stuff that is time consuming. So we recomend you go freeze your thai paste. Making your own coconut milk makes a huge difference to the flavour as well if you can get a hold of fresh old coconut.

 How To Make Thai Sauce 

Thai sauce is an umami-bomb of salted and fermented anchovy can be overpowering on its own, but something very special happens with you combine it with lime juice and palm sugar. It's one of my go-to mixtures when you like something sweet-and-sour for most of your dishes.  The flavors will blend seamlessly into salad or meat. Or that's versatile enough to dress a salad, marinate a steak, and, yes, coat your dumplings.


How To Cook Pad Thai

Love pad Thai but don't know where to start? Then this recipe is for you! It's an authentic recipe from our Thai chef in Thailand. Pad Thai is one of the most universally popular stir fried noodle dishes in this whole wide world


Thai Cooking Classes

A visit to a Thai cooking school has become a must-do for many Thai chefs at home and for some visitors it is a highlight of their trip to Melbourne. A typical 3 hour course has an introduction to Thai ingredients and flavours, and a chance to prepare and cook three or four dishes. All lessons include a set of online recipes and end with a communal lunch consisting of your cooking.

Check out  Thai Cooking Class Master and Taste of Thai Cooking Class

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Thai Cooking Master Class

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