Store Your Spice Like No Other

#2 Chef Ha's Handy Hint

How to store spices and how long they will last are most frequent questions being asked in our cooking classes.

Most of our spices are imported, shipped and shelved before we get them. Our recommendation is store them in a cool and dark place. So do not store above your stove as you might think of a perfectly access for your cooking. Heat, humidity and light will cause the spices loose their beautiful oil and flavour.

Be a great cook to use your spices within six months or 12 months. They will loose their flavour over the time but you still can use them. 

Store Your Spice Like No Other

Cinnamon, cumin, coriander, cardamom, black beans, red chilli flakes, nutmeg, allspice, black pepper and ginger. These are just a few of the spices that are used. Storage for my heaps of spices has been a challenge in the kitchen as often they are in little bags, jars and this drifts on to the shelves and cupboards. I thought I could share with you some practical ways that keeps my spices fresh and neat. 

Remember to make sure your spices are fresh.

Remember to place the frequent used spices in the front and the less frequent used spices in the back.

How do you store your spices? Do you keep them in the cupboard, or in a drawer? 

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