How To Plan A Weekly Menu?


Plan A Weekly Menu? Are you struggling to manage a busy lifestyle and eat right? Menu planning may be the answer. You’ll find it easier to eat well, save money and get tasty meals to the table faster. Which of these steps can help you to plan better?

How To Plan A Weekly Menu?

Ask for meal ideas and share the work.

  • Ask others for lunch or dinner ideas.
  • Decided from the protein, for example, if you shop on Saturday then you want to have Sat-fish. Then you go for Sun-chicken as chicken wouldn't last long.
  • If you have too many meats in the weekend then you can have Mon-vegetarian. Then you have noodle or pasta on Tuesday. You may decide to make Wed-beef and Thu-frozen-seafood. You will try to do use up your leftover by Friday by having a Fri-Stir-fry.  

List your favourite seasonal meals ideas.

  • Use the list as an idea starter. Keep it to use again.
  • Write down the shopping list for each recipe.

Find out what’s on hand and what’s on special to plan your meals.

  • Check the fridge, cupboard and freezer. 
  • Note what needs to be used up soon so it does not go to waste.
  • Keep the pantry well-stocked with healthy basics. 

 Start planning! List three meals and one or two snacks daily.

  • Keep meals simple during the busy work week.
  • Post menu plans in a visible spot. First home starts cooking!
  • Store menus in a binder to use again.

Eat healthy meals and snacks!

  • Plan meals and snacks using healthy basics prepared with little or no added fat, sugar or sodium. Limit the processed or prepared foods.  Eat fewer packaged, ready-to-eat and take-out foods. Eat fewer packaged, ready-to-eat and take-out foods.
  • Serve at least one serving of vegetables and/or fruit with each meal.

Save time on meal planning.

  • Use leftovers for lunches or as part of another meal.
  • Use time-saving appliances: slow cooker, rice cooker, toaster oven. 
  • For a cook's night off, make your own healthy frozen dinners.