Why is it important to have good sauces?


It's always good to be a little saucy, especially when it comes to food! Sauces play an important role in maximising flavours, adding juiciness and improving the mouth feel of a dish. For instance, if you’re having a BBQ party at home, having a delicious sauce to slather over your BBQ meat will make a world of difference.

Why is it important to have good sauces?

Have a look at this recipe from Neely and try making it at your next home party! You can make this BBQ sauce one or two nights before your BBQ party. Psst! This will also be a lifesaver sauce recipe if things go wrong and your BBQ meat dries out too quickly on the grill.

Some sauces can also give your dish a lovely shine and color thus making the food look more lustrous and appetizing. The rich brown sauce that is commonly used in French cuisines, known as demi-glace, serves this exact purpose. The traditional method of making demi-glace can be quite time-consuming. However, it is definitely worth the time and effort. Check out this website for the full classic demi-glace recipe  However, if you would like an easier and quicker way to make demi-glace, this recipe will give you a sauce that is just as delicious.

Apart from that, our chef has also come up with 3 simple yet delicious sauces you can eat with potstickers, dumpling and wontons. Find out more over here for Otao Kitchen sauce ideas. If you would like to learn how to make our crowd favourite traditional dipping sauce from our professional chef, sign up for our Dumpling Cooking Class today! In this class, we’ll be teaching you how to make dumplings from scratch, from dough to filling to the dipping sauce! It will be a great cooking, eating and social experience for you and your loved ones!