The perfect wedding day time plan


You are thinking how your special wedding day time plan would be? The secret is to plan an easy flowing wedding that allowing enough time for everything to flow nicely throughout your special day. 

It might be your wedding and you wonder how to allocate for each portion of the day. Let make it simpler by using valuable information from your caterer, venues, photographers, celebrants. They serve many couples like you before and can give you their advice or even help you to plan your wedding. The trick is to find your happy medium where you will have enough time for everything. Remember when you plan - less is more.

The perfect wedding day time plan


There is no doubt you will be in for an early start on your day.  It will take a long time for hair and makeup so you should allow 1.5-2 hours for your hair and make up and 1 hour for each bridesmaid. It would be best to start at 7am as it might take 2 hours or more to get hairs and make up.

Then you will put your casual dress or actual dress for the day on. You will need to get to the venue. It might be nice to get some pre wedding photos with family and friends. You can allow 15 mins.

The reception would start between 10-11am. When you finish you might have to take photos with everyone. This may take up to an hour depending how many shots you like to have.

About mid day the reception or meal time starts. You might want to add some speech and toast in this time after 30-40 mins so people can have a bit of foods and hospitality.

The cake cutting would take about 1pm and after that people will have free party time till 2-2.30pm. 

The couple might leave about 3pm and right after the guest will leave.

The caterers and supplies will pack up and go at 4-5pm.


This afternoon wedding is popular these day if couple want to have more time in the morning and more time in the evening with their friends and family. It also means you will party into the night. You will repeat the same timeline above except you will finish later at 10pm. Some venue will send guests home so they can clean before 11pm.

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