Team Building Planning With a Budget


You have a budget in mind for your next team building? Keep reading as we have great advice for you and your business.

Team Building Planning With a Budget


Quite often someone has an idea about team building. However, they may not get the budget. So they would spend a great amount of time lobbying people to support their idea. The first thing would be to work out your budget with your boss or financial manager. You may ask yourself question of what the range or total budget allows you to do this activity. 


Team building works great when you all know each other or you may experience in communication issues at work or you might just want to have fun with it. These are all perfectly good reasons. But you need to know what that reason is in order to run the event effectively.

Lack of direction is what makes so many people dislike these exercises so much. It feels pointless, and that makes it awkward.


Your group get together to enjoy a hands-on cooking experience with plenty of entertainment to prepare a social cook-off party. This class is perfect for clients or work colleagues cooking together looking to ignite their culinary passions. 

Lunch-time – great for a shorter team catch up over lunch with some cooking involved.

Afternoon – who does not want to have an afternoon off. Catching up with work colleagues for a few beers or just having some cooking challenges with your workmates.

Evening – great fun after-work event. You can break up your week or do that on Thursday or Friday night.


  • The Social Cook-Off can bring so fun and team building corporate cooking events and the extensive selection of cooking classes. Recipes will be streamlined so the team can put their amazing dishes together - i.e our staff will do some preps.  
  • Master Class Cooking is great for a small team who likes to take their time and learn to master a recipe or a menu in a social setting. It would work for a team of up to 16 people per class. 
  • Team Cooking Challenge will give you the best competitive cooking experience like no other. As seen on TV, full of suspense, high-energy and fun. Teams collaborate together to plan, race, cook, compete and win. Everyone creates high-quality dishes which will be judged on taste and presentation


If you’re looking for team building cooking in Melbourne, then we’re happy to help. We have a range of cooking class experience you can choose from.  

Your team is unique, and so the same team-building exercises aren’t going to work on all of them. That’s why we offer all sorts of classes!

The next time you have a team-building exercise, don’t go into it unprepared. Instead, take the time to really think about what your team will enjoy.

Make sure that your team enjoy hands-on activities, create stories and perhaps learning something new. If you need some help or suggestions about throwing great team building events, give Chef Ha a call ON 0408 217 899 today and he will able to tell you what would be best for your next team cooking event.

Team Building Cooking

Team Building Cooking

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Dumpling Party

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