Team Building With Your Remote Team


When we were first in lock down. We weren't sure how we go but now we get into the routine with this new Melbourne Covid2.0. When you think about team building you might think of your team members are remotely working at the moment. But, it’s just as important as any one location for building a strong and successful team. No matter where your business is, or how your team might come together, creating a better bond will have the same positive effects on your company. So, how can you build a better remote team to work together?

Team Building With Your Remote Team
  1. Schedule Zoom Calls

The great thing about working as a team remotely is today technology is much better now and our attitude toward Zoom, Google Hangout or Facebook live ....has changed. Scheduling a daily call to check in with each other is easier than ever. Try to have these calls reflect both work, and a bit of your personal lives. It’s important to get to know your work mates beyond the work you’re doing.

  1. Use Icebreakers

Icebreakers don’t have to be the old cliche one-liners used on dates and in awkward situations. Make a list of quality icebreakers, and start off every remote meeting with one, making sure everyone gets their answer in. You may be surprised at what people have to say, and you’re learning more about your team every single time. 

  1. ‘Happy hour event’

Similarly to hosting daily calls, try hosting a virtual event one day a week where work is slow a bit. Thursday or Friday is a great day to do this, since everyone can be in ‘weekend mode’. By hosting a dumpling making or a speak afternoon, where you all can talk about your interests, plans for the weekend or anything related. it’ll feel more like easy to talk, and can help to further build relationships and trust. You’ll likely find you look forward to these happy hour events week after week.

  1. Meet-Up

Meeting up once or twice a year can be extremely beneficial even more beneficial right now. Whether it’s for work or specifically designed as a team bonding. Being face-to-face is exceptionally important and can help to boost the trust you have for one another, even if you only see each other once a year.

Weam building with a remote team is all about communication. The more a remote team can stay in touch with each other, the better. Thanks to technology, that’s easier than ever!

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