Best Ways To Thank Your Team?


Your team is doing a great job to achieve sales or completing an important project. You seem to be too busy with your work and often we don’t give thanks nearly enough: Many employees quit because they didn’t feel appreciated. And ignoring this important gesture may do some harm for the business and relationship so to give thanks to those that we lean on every day in the workplace.

During a time where the end of the year is fast approaching, employees rush to get projects completed, and planning for next year has already begun, it's important to take a step back and give thanks to your team. Here are a few ways you can show your team some love and appreciation this holiday season.

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Best Ways To Thank Your Team?


This is probably the best one but you'd be surprised that not many managers to express gratitude to their team. Importantly thanking your staff is free but might be harder to do that you need to find some time out.


Sometime you can make your staff super happy if you just let them to do the work from home. First they think they can control their life a bit better with personal and family obligations. You just need to learn about your staff if they can get the deadlines. Taking a day of less commuting to work can be a a stress reliever for few people.


Remember holiday season can be super stressful. The good news is that with online purchase and other things. You can give your staff vouchers like this cooking vouchers so they can give them to someone else or use them later one. Everyone could join a cooking class at later stage and this would save the staff a lot of time to buy gifts for everyone else. This helps to make the gift giving more fun and social. Another option is to help pay for their continuing education.


Your team will be given a sense team bonding and achievement. You can create a personal funny eye catching trophy to give to your team. This is a great way to spark the competitiveness of your team specially if they do one of these team building cooking.


Having trouble finding a personal gift or funny trophy or writing a heartfelt card? Maybe it’s time to go back to the basics with foods. If you’re having a hard time finding unique ways to give thanks to your team, perhaps you can use of one the food experience to connect to them. A genuine and naturally cooking sessions would make everyone a closer relationship. They’ll appreciate the time you took to get to know them, and in turn, you’ll have ample opportunity to touch base with them on how they’re doing. This team cooking is building energies of making a meal together and having a great time!

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