How to plan an unforgettable Work Christmas Party?


Get a great time in this the season for great venue, good foods, activity and entertaining and of course the infamous Work Christmas Party. If you are in charge of organising your office social calendar, no doubt you want to make sure it’s Christmas cheer and everyone enjoy what you plan for them. And of course you’ll want to avoid Christmas party hell.

How to plan an unforgettable Work Christmas Party?

Here’s Chef Ha's handy hints to assist you with how to plan an unforgettable Work Christmas Party goes with a bang.

  1. Get start now! It may feel like you’re only just two month away, but good venues get booked up, fast. You don’t want to be left with only your dodgy pub as an option. Make sure you get a date in everyone’s diary as early as possible, then start the all-important task of finding a venue.
  2. Get out of the office No one wants to spend their Christmas party in the cramped office lunch room. Find a venue which is easy to get to, and make sure there’s the option for public transport home at the end of the night. If you do have to stay in-house, choose a room away from your normal work area and make it festive a little bit of effort goes a long way. Order some yum foods for example Vietnamese Menu 
  3. Send an invite Make it feel like a special event that people can look forward to. Make your invite fun and eye-catching to really get people in the festive mood.
  4. Decide on a Christmas party theme. No party is complete without a theme to tie it all together. Here’s your chance to get creative. Perhaps it’s Christmas past, or novelty hats. Or you could even plan a cooking activity to really get everyone involved.
  5. Include a competition. Whether it’s ‘best Christmas jumper’ or ‘best achievement of the year’, everyone loves a competition and it’s a fantastic ice-breaker. You could even take it a step further and include the competition as part of your theme. Stage a full-blown quiz complete with novelty prizes and really get people excited. Talk to one of us, we have great ideas that might work for you.
  6. Plan a great menu. Whatever you do, remember to include enough food for the day and night. Drinks will be flowing, and no-one wants to find themselves stumbling in the gutter at the end of the night. Find out your budget and look for a menu which has something for everyone. For larger groups a buffet can be ideal, and it means people can eat whenever they’re ready. 
  7. Treat everyone like guests to your own party. Great them at the door and make sure they know where to put their coat and get a drink. This is a great way to put people at ease, especially if you’ve chosen an unusual venue.
  8. Make a seating plan. With large groups of people this is the best way to ensure everyone is happy, and you could even mix up teams and help people socialise more. Another option is to get all the men to move seat before desserts. As well as the traditional cracker jokes, you could leave a fun ice-breaker question next to each person to help things along and get conversation flowing. Conservation about foods say ingredients might go a long way.
  9. Take lots of photos. to include in an article for the staff newsletter and great for a giggle when sober back to work kicks in. You could even make a short video for real fun factor, my suggestion is stay away from the photocopier.

So there you know how to plan an unforgettable Work Christmas Party. Follow these tips and you’re all set for a fantastic office ‘do. . And remember, treat your boss as you would normally do at work with respect!

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