Ideas for Team Building Events


Team events provide a break from the everyday - the same, giving team member an opportunity to escape workplace tension and relate with one another in a relaxed setting. Also, because these team events are few and far between, it is important that they provide fun and excitement to keep the team member to get out and bond with others.

Our working day seems to be packed with team meeting, team planning or team report... Team member face the challenges each week, they often struggle to come up with ideas on how to make team events and corporate entertainment more fun and memorable. If you have a team event coming up and you need team bonding ideas on how to spice things up, here is the team activities you might like to choose:

Ideas for Team Building Events

Food Tasting

Food team building is a no-brainer and it is a vital part of any successful event. Team mates loves to excite their taste buds and try out different types of food including finger foods that they may not have the time or opportunity to try out otherwise. A buffet of local and Asian dishes with cocktail or some local beers will go a long way in keeping your workers and their guests occupied and entertained.

Instagram Contest wall

If you team member love to create visual memories, then a photo wall make events memorable, literally and figuratively. You can get team mates to become celebrities so everyone taking selfies, silly pictures, group photos. These pictures can be posted on a wall will provide some laughter in the office in the weeks to come and it allows everyone to recollect how much fun they had at the event.

Good Music

While team activities is going on, good music is required to keep everyone on the toes, dancing and being active. Remember, an event is not successful if the event is too long. You should let the guys know how long that can be for so people can plan their post event. For example someone has to pick up their children from school or other commitment so it is best to keep within work hours.  

Team Building Cooking

Team Building Cooking

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