Why Teams Teams Cook Together Work Better Together


Can My Kitchen Rules, Master Chef bring teams closer and boost productivity? A surprising number of startups are trying with cooking parties. From pizza making, dumpling cooking, amazing race and social cook off, food-loving executives are spicing up the ways they engage their team bonding.

Why Teams Teams Cook Together Work Better Together

Fun has to be part of the lifestyle business like Otao Kitchen Cooking School when they market cooking experiences business. Otao Kitchen started its cooking experience as a team building exercise, it had to be called Rest, Cook, Laugh and Eat. Chef Ha Nguyen says staff would cook at home and bring in food related to their cultural roots or past experience.

What began as an informal gathering took on a more edgy business venture when chef Ha started social cook off venue.  He saw people related their experience with foods. Sound silly? That may be the point. Ha says his clients see the cook-off as a morale booster and welcome distraction from the daily grind of serving customers or doing the same thing in the meeting or corporate hang out. 

Otao kitchen also plan your master chef type of challenge where each team has roughly an hour to plan their meals and take a trip to the Asian grocery stores to find what they need, though some will forage for fresh produce right where they are. Others stay and prep ingredients, cook, and plate their creations. Ultimately, it’s about teamwork, thinking creatively with one another and working under a time and budget constraint. Just like any other startup trying to build a market from scratch.

We asked why we do team buWe create an environment where you have the opportunity to remember why you like your co-workers! 




Team Building Cooking

Team Building Cooking

Take your team out for hands on cooking class inspired Asian Restaurants. The subtle variations by cuisines and the...

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