How To Engage Your Staff and Enhance Corporate Virtual Event


Most physical events have been on hold for the past six months. While corporate events will likely be the first to make a full comeback, many companies we spoke to delayed all live business meetings well into 2021. When you hold corporate events, they will be mainly Zoom webinars during the pandemic, but these types of interactions won't deliver results long-term.  With the live stream becoming the default meeting room, how do you enhance these experiences to make an impact on your team? Read more to get you some ideas?

How To Engage Your Staff and Enhance Corporate Virtual Event

Pivoting Business Events to Virtual

The most important part of planning your business event is setting a clear goal or purpose for virtual events just as much as in-person meetings. Once you have the goal determined, the next step is to figure out how to deliver on the value that your staff expect. An example would be an annual company retreat in a different destination every year. Still, in a virtual context, you may create the excitement of travelling to a new destination by getting them out to collect ingredients from local suppliers for their next cook-off event.

Corporate training events are vital to making sure that employees are on the same page. You can now do training presentations or workshops virtually with a bit of planning. You can enhance board meetings with efficiency and productivity with the virtual format. They are among the simplest types of events to move to virtual given that they don't tend to be overly complicated. Our virtual cooking event is great way for your participants to look forward to after a long meeting on Zoom.

Sales teams are integral to any company, and being able to shift, strategise, and get everyone on the same page quickly. We can be a virtual host or moderator to help lead an online sales kick-off event then you can take over with your strategies. Cooking is a great way to keep your sales team entertained, keep the energy up, and help guide them through the event. You can invite an expert speaker to motivate the team and teach them valuable insights to help them improve their skills. Because of this format, you can consider asking someone you may not have been able to include had the event been face-to-face.

Team building events

Team building events are perhaps one of the most challenging corporate events to shift to the virtual event since they rely heavily on face-to-face gatherings and activities. However, virtual team building cooking events can be even more valuable because attendees are joining from home, which provides an opportunity to share more about themselves and help employees relate to each other.

With cooking, you can achieve the ultimate goal of team building events with bringing team members together to reinforce company spirit and culture or to help introduce/integrate new employees. Cook and share a meal can revolve around fun, memorable activities to take part in together, whether that's face-to-face or online. One of the advantages of a virtual cooking event is that it provides a platform for people to connect and engage even after the event ends because of opportunity to share and inspire their favourites moments from the event and refer back to them at any time.

Virtual Team Building Cooking

Virtual Team Building Cooking

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