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Otao kitchen is a social cooking school and event space in Richmond about 3 km East of Melbourne, Australia,  where a person can cook, share, inspire and celebrate food traditions. We created this online cooking for people who want to learn to cook at home. Let us guide you to understanding the "world of home cooking" — a set of puzzle pieces that can be rearranged to unlock the code to tastier, healthier and more nutritious food at home. 

Taste of Asian Cooking

1.5-2 hour from $32 per class

Have you tried online cooking classes yet? These 1.5-2 hour classes are designed for you to cook a meal at home with virtual hands-on through Zoom with an expert chef from your home kitchen. You will get the recipes and notes before classes. The ingredients have been simplified so you can shop and cook with us with confidence. Join us on Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Dumpling

Asian Cooking Course Online 12 month access

Experience the smells, flavours and textures of Asia at home. We connect you with expert chefs, to teach you - live stream - the fundamental skills to cook Asian dishes at home. Learn to cook from the comfort of your own home. Explore Asian cuisine, through our online cooking platform, with traditional recipes, pre record video library, professional instruction, online support and community.

Want to discover different flavours at home? Learn with our 12-month course featuring a span of Asian cuisines from Japanese, through Indian. You’ll learn the fundamental cooking skills tied to each of these unique Asian cultures, as you explore through each week’s lesson. MORE 

Asian Cooking Junior Online

Cooking is a life skill that sadly not everyone has. Knowing how to cook can vastly improve our ability to save money, provide meaningfully for our family, and nutrition. But part of making healthy choices in life is knowing the skills to turn nutritious ingredients into an enjoyable meal. Getting kids to form healthy eating habits is no easy task, but by teaching them approachable skills and fun techniques, we can help pave the way. MORE

Asian Vegan Cooking Online

For this plant-based cooking workshop, we will be utilising recipes from a number of different Asian cultures, with a focus on cooking traditions created to support a plant-based diet. Whether from the Sattvic vitality increasing diet of India or Buddhist temple foods from Korean and Japan, we will be showing you both nutritious and tasty dishes from a variety of cultures that have been creating plant-based foods for centuries. Vegan food doesn’t have to be the drab, flavourless, meat imitating concoctions we are used to seeing in pop culture and the mainstream. Looking to cultures with a rich history in plant-based cooking, we have crafted this cooking class with a coexisting balance between taste and what is healthy for the body, mind and planet. MORE