Team Bonding Process is Simple and Transparent


Our process is simple and transparent

Tired of struggling with too many details that go into any team building activity such as learning, togetherness or having fun? Otao kitchen's team bonding is built to handle all those details and more. Whether your next event is virtual, in-person or a combination of both, we’ll make sure it runs smoothly from start to finish. 

Our chefs and event managers love what they do. These are people who understand both the art of team building cooking. Their genuine enthusiasm is infectious. They have the ability to inspire and engage, while fostering positive, authentic connections that will last long after your event is over.

  • Selection. We have a dozen of cooking themes for you to cook, entertain, share and celebrate. Contact us helps you select a program to fit your goals, budget and calendar perfectly.
  • Customising. There’s real power in strategically customising a team and work party event to fit with the business culture, staff inspiration and goal of your team event.
  • Booking and planning. Your chef and host  organises event details for you so you can enjoy the event as well.
  • Event Day! Your chef and host deliver the cooking event, engage your team, achieve your goals, and wrap things up with a strategic debrief.

Where We Do Team Bonding

We have a brand new 200m2 cooking studio in Abbotsford, Melbourne - just 3km from Melbourne CBD or virtually online. Otao kitchen’s greatest strength is that you join us in our kitchen so you can experience the real cooking. Many of our programs can be done at your office. Other times a nearby venue makes more sense. We’ve staged successful events at countless hotels, restaurants, convention centers, and theme parks across the globe.


Team Bonding Process is Simple and Transparent

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