The Guide To a Canapé Party


Best party food ideas come in small. The popularity of canapés and bowl food trending in private parties and corporate events. These exquisite bites don’t just look good and taste delicious. Choosing Asian finger foods or making canapé  would not only solve issues with small space but also allows your guests to really enjoy the party. Guest can walk around and interact with each other, while canapés are being passed around on trays and platters by waiting staff. The best thing is that you can offer small or large selection of food compare to a formal sit down meal, so you can be assured that your guests are happy. 

The Guide To a Canapé Party


People often ask this question then wonder how much would be enough. It is commonsense on a party you are having. Best to know how long want the party to last and whether your guests come on time. It is best for 7-9 savoury and 2-3 sweet canapés per person for a standard 3-4 hour party where no other food is served. Each piece should be good for one or two bites.

If the party food is served pre and post a main sit down dinner then we would recommend for 3-4 pieces per person. This gives the guests a chance to kick off their appetite  but this amount won’t be enough before the main meal. After work functions, it would be best to serve 4-6 pieces as people tend to be bit hungry. It is always a good things to have some extra food in case your guests are very hungry. You or your staff will need to control the quantities and will slow down the service if needed.


Quite often party organiser are keen to know who would be in the functions so they can cater to the mass. If you don't know well who is coming then It is best to choose a selection of canapé and ways to make them so you would please everyone. Popular items would be rice paper rolls, spring rolls, dumpling, sushi, tomato and mozzarella skewers, cocktail sausage, fish cake or vegetable tarts or even burgers and salmon blinis... The options are your choice however try to mix beef, chicken, fish, prawn, vegan and gluten free, dairy food and fodmap and other common dietary restrictions so you will make everyone happy. Most caterer or our chef would be able to help you to choose the menu.


You would need to decide whether you want to set up as in a station or have someone flow around to serve the foods. If you buy your finger foods from supermarket then you would need to find a solution of trays and utensils to serve the food out of the packaging. Catering companies like us would have these foods in the tray and even have staff to serve them for you. Please note the size and shape of the tray is important if you have limited spaces as it would be difficult to walk around for you and catering staff. Lastly think of user friendly finger foods items - sushi might not be easy to eat as it can get quite messy in a party.


We found the best wines are the ones that most your guests can enjoy. These wines are easy to drink, mainstream and non obtrusive. Choose a sparkling wine, decent soft red such as pinot, sauvignon blanc or rose. We think beverage selection should be palate cleansing properties and food compatibility. You can add on one or two easy cocktails if you have a caterer in or let the guests make cocktail themselves too.

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