Cook up an ultimate chicken feast

“Winner winner, chicken dinner!” A catchphrase that most Australians will be familiar with! In this post, we’ll be sharing three different methods to cook a whole chicken, from the perfect basic chicken roast to Indian, and Malaysian/Singaporean recipes. This chicken recipes will make you feel like a champion after making it, and even more so after eating it!

Cook up an ultimate chicken feast

Matt Preston’s Roast Chicken with Stuffing

There is nothing not to love about our MasterChef Australia judge’s perfect roast chicken recipe. We would say that it is a Masterchef level roast chicken, which is fairly easy to make. What makes this roast chicken recipe so good is the acidity that comes from drizzling the bird chicken with sherry vinegar and the stuffing that is jam packed with flavour from the bacon, cumin seeds, coriander seeds and sultanas. Read here for more details


Indian Roast Chicken

If you’re a fan of Indian spices, then this roast chicken recipe is the highlight for you! By mixing simple ingredients such as coriander, cumin, chilli powder, cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, turmeric, garlic and ginger, with butter, you’ll get the most aromatic and flavourful homemade garam masala butter. Spread this butter all over your chicken then roast it in the oven! Find the recipe here


Hainanese Chicken Rice

This chicken dish is commonly found at hawker stalls in Malaysia and Singapore. This chicken recipe is so simple yet delicious. If you’re a chicken lover (and maybe also a lazy cook), this recipe is for you! All you have to do is to stuff garlic, ginger, spring onion, light soy, sesame oil and salt in the cavity of the chicken then place it in a pot and bring it to boil. Once it boils, reduce the heat to poach it for an hour. You can serve this with white rice or check out the recipe here to find out how to make your white rice more fragrant!


Hence, the next time someone says that chicken is boring, prove to them that it is far from boring with these simple yet delicious chicken recipes. If you’re interested in learning more ways to cook with basic ingredients, why not sign up for our cooking classes where we teach you how to add a little kick to your cooking and eating experiences. Find out more from our website



Home Recipes

Vietnamese prawn summer rolls

Freshly made rice paper rolls packed with prawn, rice noodles, carrots, cucumber and herbs, with a sweet chilli dipping sauce.


For the dipping sauce

  • 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
  • 1 small red chilli, finely chopped, remove seed if want less spicy
  • 1 tbsp caster sugar
  • 3 tbsp fish sauce
  • juice 1 lime 

For the rolls

  • 100g vermicelli rice noodle or bean thread noodles
  • 12 x 20cm rice papers
  • 1 bunch of mint
  • 18 cooked medium prawn cut in half lengthways
  • 2-3 large iceberg lettuce leaves, torn into 12 pieces
  • 1 medium carrot cut into thin batons
  • a handful coriander
  • a handful Thai basil 
  • a handful long chives
  • 50g bean sprouts



  1. Make the dipping sauce by chopping the garlic, chilli together then stir in the fish sauce and lime juice. 

  2. Boil a pot of water and add the rice noodle and cook the noodle for 5-7 mins and then drain well. Please check the package for instruction first.

  3. When you are ready to make the rolls, dip one of the rice papers in a bowl of hot water, moving it around until the whole wrapper is soft about 3 secs then drain on a tea towel or use one of mat to stop them sticking on the the surface.

  4. Place a rice paper wrapper on a board and at one edge of the wrapper, add a few mint leaves, then 2 prawn halves.

  5. Place some lettuce on top of the prawns, followed by some noodles, a few strips of carrot and cucumber, some more herbs and finally some beansprouts. Don’t overfill or they will be hard to roll.

  6. Lift the edge of the rice paper wrapper nearest to you over the filling and, holding the filling in position with your fingers, start rolling up tightly.

  7. When you’re about halfway, fold the ends of the rice paper in and over the filling so that it is completely enclosed.

  8. Keep on rolling tightly until the whole rice paper wrapper is rolled up.