Preventing 'Onion Tears'


It’s not that you've formed an emotional bond to your food, 'onion tears' are just caused by a gas called Propanethiol S-oxide. When mixed with an onion’s enzymes, they create a sulphur gas that irritates your eyes.

Preventing 'Onion Tears'

Tips To Stop Those Tears

  • In order to keep your eyes dry, it’s recommended that you use an incredibly sharp knife, which will slice through the enzymes rather than crush them.
  • If your knives are in need of sharpening or replacing, but you need that onion immediately, your best bet is to freeze for 15 minutes before cutting. 
  • Having cold onions is said to reduce the intensity of onion tears.
  • We recommend opening a door, window or turning on an extraction fan to provide as much ventilation and relief as possible. 
  • If you don’t mind hunching over the sink (perhaps occasionally getting splashed), cutting onions underwater has been proven to reduce weeping.
  • Keeping the root attached when slicing an onion has been said to also reduce the impact of onion fumes.
  • 'Onion goggles' are most likely just a gimmick, but if they work for you then great!
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