Kids and Teens' Online Cooking Classes


The pandemic has taught us is that working and educating kids at home has been a challenge for many parents. However, we have been able to find a solution to problems that we never dreamt we would be facing.

At Otao kitchen on Victoria Street, we realised that with yet another extended lockdown, now is the time for us to bring our online cooking classes to life.  Most of our children having missed out on full time schooling for the better part of a year, and it would be gratifying if they could remember as the time that they learnt to become proficient cooks.

The past year has allowed us to familiarise ourselves with how best to use online interactive cooking experiences and to realise the great potential that these offer.  Class has interactive as demonstrations only work for the most motivated of individuals who set out to learn themselves but, for most, working alongside a teacher works a treat and shows how accessible cooking can be. 

We have run very large online classes as well as those for teens, and the food that has been produced has been perfect. We know that we have a winning formula. Not only that, but we decided to bring kids program aligning with our current offering. On the Cookery School side, we have the classes with recipes and local shopping (Woolworth and Coles) available, our chef will cook along and making sure that it succeeds. 

We are looking for

  • Sponsorship for classes, so we can offer free classes to your community
  • Expertise in presenting to a huge audience of teens i.e cooking a new dish at the same time
  • Publicity and social across all media and social channels so many kids as possible to join the course.
  • Endorsements from people and organisation so our children can learn, cook and eat healthy foods
  • Supermarkets and charities to help us in providing small ingredient boxes for each of the 20 sessions to those kids in food poverty.

The time is right now for giving our kids a worthwhile memory of their time in lockdown and pandemic to take forward.  Please email us at, if you would like to get involved and which of the areas highlighted above you can help us with.



Kids and Teens' Online Cooking Classes

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