Vietnamese Pork Rolls

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You might find Vietnamese Pork Rolls or “Banh mi thit” in most Vietnamese bakeries. This Vietnamese dish often includes pork belly, Vietnamese sausage, pork floss, chicken, or meatballs.

The rolls also include fresh vegetables such as cucumber slices, pickled carrots and onions. The rolls are topped off with crunchy shallots, chilli, coriander, butter and pate. For us in Melbourne, Pork rolls are served for lunch. For the people of Vietnam, this delicious baguette is often served for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Different Vietnam regions will include their own type of fillings. These vary between Banh mi Sai Gon and Banh Mi Hanoi with a variety of extra vegetables and meats being added in. Northerners prefer food that is not overly complex so the ingredients tend to be fresh and simple. They also like to have theirs with well-seasoned meats and pickles. Southerners on the other hand like spicy and lots of vegetables.

According to Wikipedia, Banh mi was added to the Oxford English Dictionary on March 24, 2011. Banh mi’s history went back to French colonisation with the introduction of a Western-style diet in Vietnam. The diets were often only for the middle and upper class French and Vietnamese. When the Vietnamese sent the French away in 1954, they created their own way of how serve the baguette, known today as a popular food for everyday people.

Australians didn’t know much about this baguette until the end of the Vietnam War in 1975 and when Southern Vietnamese emigrated to major Australian cities. With them, they brought different Vietnamese recipes for their Vietnamese restaurants including Banh Mi recipes. People from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane therefore eat a southern-style of Banh Mi. These Vietnamese baguettes are bigger and they have more veggies and herbs, such as coriander, carrots and hot chilli.

The key to a good Banh mi is the bread. Normally, the bread is baked fresh where it is soft inside and deflates easily when you bite into it, mostly made on the day in nearby bakeries. A bad baguette is hard and crumbly looking and also hard to chew on.

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Vietnamese Pork Rolls




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