Kohlrabi and Lotus roots


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Lotus roots salad with some key ingredients


What is Kohlrabi?

You can add Kohlrabi in your lotus roots salad as Kohlrabi is vegetable can be eaten raw or cooked. It is a swollen stem. Kohlrabi is a very commonly eaten vegetable in Germany.  The taste and texture are similar to those of broccoli stem or cabbage heart. It is sweet and crunchy like carrot or swedes. 

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Lotus Roots?

Lotus roots salad has been found as high content of fibber. And lotus roots are often pickled with rice chili, garlic, rice vinegar, sugar and salt. It has a crunchy texture with sweet tangy taste. In Vietnam it is very popular with salad. It goes well with prawns, pork. 

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Kohlrabi and Lotus roots