Understand Your Food Experience In Vietnam


Travel to Vietnam experiencing culture, heritage and beautiful nature

An unforgettable experience

Travel to Vietnam Experience is one of the best adventure for many people. Simple thing become chaotic as crossing the busy streets in Hanoi.  You will face the amazing rock walls of the limestone islands from a junk boat deck in Ha Long Bay. You'll find quiet moments on top of Sapa hills amongst the local tribes. Or you can enjoy watching local vendors selling street food in Saigon. Exploring Vietnam will reward your senses.

Understand Your Food Experience In Vietnam

Culinary Diversity

Travel to Vietnam starts with local food. Vietnamese food is incredibly rich in flavour and has substance in its diversity. Vietnamese cooking is as simple or complex as you can imagine. Many foodies are visiting cooking schools in the major cities of Hanoi, Hoi An and Saigon which you can experience here in Melbourne at OTAO Kitchen. Mother Earth gives Vietnamese  great fresh produce. Vietnamese foods are influenced by Chinese in the North, by beautiful Emperor Foods in the Central district and by Indian and Thai in the South. Plus the French brought in many ideas from the most world popular cuisines.

People of Vietnam

People are polite, friendly and full of energy. They are good in business and most work hard everyday. You will have plenty of opportunities to speak to them and to hear their stories during your travel to Vietnam. The more casual seats in at food stalls, the tiny bar or cafe, the more chance for you to know real ordinary people.  

"Melting Pot" Cultures

This is a country with layers of influences and points of view. You might not see the difference in outer layers of Vietnamese people to other Asian nationals. But wait... you will see the difference when you travel from place to place in Vietnam.

The capital of Hanoi brought in many people from surrounding Northern provinces coming in for educational, political, business and economical opportunities. They brought best talents and resources to the 1000 year old city. With China only couple of hours away, it does have some influence on not only food but also people, cultures and ideology.  

Bordering with Laos are the Northwestern provinces of Vietnam, once upon a time a kingdom with tribes of Thai and Hmong. Northeastern provinces are featured with Hmong, Tay, Nung and Dao which tourists are likely to meet in Sapa during their travel to Vietnam.

Contrasting with the North, Saigon is young and has a vibrant feel. The city is moving faster with its economy bringing opportunities for millions of Vietnamese. Indian and Hindu cultures have played a major influence over further Southern provinces.  You may experience Cham temples plus foods that are inspired by chilli, coconut and spices.

In the central provinces, you can experience the remains of the old kingdom (1600s-1900s) with royal tombs, unique pagodas and imperial cuisine. But wait, our favourite place is the graceful historic old port of Hoi An with its beautiful shops, river feel and white sand beaches.

The European arrivals in 1800s-1900s factor in an enduring French colonial legacy.  The evidence is in graceful boulevards, opera houses, post office, bridges and rows of 100 year old standing french villas in Hanoi and Saigon.  You can also find corner shops with crispy baguettes and street coffee traders while travelling throughout Vietnam.

The Americans had written their own stories in many streets of Saigon. The Russians and other cold war Eastern European allies brought their own skins evident in some of the major cities' buildings in the 1970s and 1980s. 

Buddhism, Christian and Taoist also have their significant parts in Vietnamese religions. Together with a ruling Communist Party ideology Vietnam has something that is quite unique.

Safety Notes 

For Australians, there are some safety issues to be careful of such as small scams, pick pockets and drug trafficking. But like anywhere else in the world, be smart and aware that you are in a foreign land and there is no real major danger. Travel to Vietnam with care, visit Australia Embassy to Vietnam.  Your travel to Vietnam will be a wonderfully rewarding and incredible experience.

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