Key Tips On Finding Healthy Snack Options For Your Daily Life

Key Tips On Finding Healthy Snack Options For Your Daily Life

Finding snack options for your daily life is actually very easy. Regardless of where you live or what your preferences are, there will always be a food establishment that suits your needs. You can even find nearby food establishments at your fingertips by using different websites such as HeyYou. But if you’re looking for snacks which have nutritional content, you might be having some problems. Food establishments today have limited to zero healthy snack options; most of them offer junk or fast foods. 

Aside from paying attention to what you eat during your meals, you should also do the same when it comes to your snacks. What you eat throughout the day can drastically affect your well-being in the long run. So if you want to experience optimal health all the time, follow these tips on finding healthy snack options for your daily life:

Key Tips On Finding Healthy Snack Options For Your Daily Life

1.    Use snack time as a way for you to increase fruit and vegetable intake.


Regardless of whether you’re an employee, parent or student, you will need to take snacks during different times of the day. You might want to take it in the morning or the middle of the afternoon. And while there’s nothing really wrong about when you take your snacks, you should be keen on what you’re eating. As much as possible, you should use snack time to eat more fruits and vegetables. If you’re a student who has a lot of deadlines and assignments to finish during the day, prepare your snacks before leaving home and bring them anywhere with you. If you don’t have the time, have your snacks delivered to your location. You can experience this kind of service by ordering healthy snacks from SnackNation.


2.    Always keep a range of healthy snacks in your home.


More often than not, you’ll be tempted to call for fast food delivery services because you don’t have a choice. When you’re lounging at your home and couldn’t find anything to eat, you’d rather call the nearest fast food joint rather than buying raw ingredients from your grocery store and prepare snacks from scratch. If you want to find healthy snack options quickly, make sure that you stock on healthy snacks at home. You can choose to keep fresh fruits and vegetables in your fridge or hoard snacks that have nutritional content. Doing this will not only help you reach your health goals faster, but this can also save you time and money.


3.    Avoid processed foods and added sugars.


As mentioned, more and more fast food chains are operating today, and, surely, you’ll be able to find a handful of these establishments within your area. Convenience, therefore, is one of the reasons why you’d choose to call them and have your snack delivered. This is a habit that you should refrain from doing as early as possible. While it is true that their services might make your snacking experience more convenient, eating this kind of food long-term will make you susceptible to life-threatening illnesses and diseases. You might even experience sudden weight gain as processed foods tend to make you feel hungry more often.


4.    Teach yourself to eat “a rainbow of colors.”


You don’t need to stress out when finding healthy snack options for your daily life; you can actually use the rainbow as your reference. Everyone knows that a rainbow has seven beautiful colors and when translated to snacking habits, it simply means you should try to eat in variety. You should eat snacks that have different ingredients so you can get the right nutrients your body needs. When you have a lot of options to choose from, you’ll be more excited to eat your snacks.


5.    Snack mindfully.


Most people would prefer snacking while they’re watching their favorite TV shows or when they’re working on a task behind their desk. They don’t usually have the time to stand up, sit in front of a table, and snack properly. If you want to be healthy even while snacking, make sure that you’re doing it mindfully. This means that you should stop whatever you’re doing and concentrate on eating instead.


Start Small


Finding healthy snacks for daily consumption can be challenging, especially if you’re accustomed to eating junk. You might easily be tempted to reach out for whatever is convenient no matter how unhealthy it can be. If you’re really serious about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you should be more than willing to make a change. Along with your determination and patience, gradually inject healthy snacking habits by using this article as your guide.

Dumpling Party

Dumpling Party

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Family and Friends

How To Make Pizza At Home

Before You Start

  • Plan to make the dough at least one day before you are to make pizza so you have enough time for the dough to rise.

  • Make sure that you have a food scale for flour and yeast.

  • Pizza stone or steel dish to cook on. Heat in a very hot oven for at least an hour before cooking.

Prove The Dough

You can have the dough ready in 3-4 hours. But planning ahead give the pizza structure as the dough have time. You can use the same dough for other week nights if you make too much in the weekend. The dough can last 2-3 days in the fridge!

We normally put the dough in a pot with a lid on then store in the fridge over night. 

Dough recipe

Shaping The Pizza

With some practice you can make shape a thin circle of dough, with a raised edge around. 

Pizza Filling

The act of topping a pizza is light. You can make as many pizza as you like however not to overload the base, particularly around the pizza center because you want to cook the crust. Two tablespoons of sauce or cream (liquid) are enough and a small drizzle of olive oil.

Pizza Sauce

Pizza sauce does not need to be cooked so no reason to use the supermarket ready sauce. Instead buy a tin of whole tomatoes, drain it, season it olive oil and pinch of salt. Use a stick blender to finish it - make it into chunky sauce. 

Pizza Cheeses

Mozzarella is the must have pizza cheese. Depending on the sort of pizza you are creating, really any good melting cheese will taste great such as fontina, Cheddar, Colby, blue cheese, and smoked Gouda... all makes for delicious pizzas.

Pizza Meats

Pizza cooking is fast so meats will need be cooked. Sausage and meatballs are great to start. Pepperoni, ham and cold cuts should perhaps go onto the pizza midway or at the end of the cooking process so they don't dry out in the heat.

Seafood is another favourite toppings for pizzas. Anchovies give special taste as prawns, clams, squid and mussels, or smoked salmon, particularly when paired with salad, lemon, crème fraîche and capers.

Plus you can add eggs but we think you should cook fry them first and add on later.

Pizza Vegetables

You can put vegetables on your pizzas. You just have to judge the time and how much. Herbs is easy to finish to get a lift. However other veggies such as eggplant, zucchini, mushroom, capsicum, asparagus, sprouts and even potato can go on there. Please cook the hard veggies as it would not cook with the pizza. 

Cooking the Pizza

We cook our pizza in special design 90 second cooking process oven. You can cook them on the top of a stone or steel. You can cook them on cook top or BBQ outdoor. 

If you bake them in the oven then you will need to heat up your oven to the highest heat possible. Place a stone or steel inside the oven so they are super hot! Use the pizza peel if you have any. Or not then  when you are ready, take the stone or steel out, place your pizza on it to  cook. You have to do it quickly to stop the heat lost.

You can cook the pizza on top the the stove using a very thick pan. Add some olive oil then fry both side for few minutes. They cook quite fast! Then you can add the filling in. Put the cover on for few minutes. You pizza shall be ready.

You can always grill pizza on your BBQ - repeat the same process as cooking on the stove.


Otao Kitchen Pizza Making Party

Why don't team up with friends, family and colleague for a massive pizza making party? Learning to make pizza in the back yard is a true Aussie homemade culinary adventure with beginning with making the perfect dough then learn how to shape your best bases, get inspiration for composing your gourmet pizza filling. More


  • Learn to craft your own pizza from scratch
  • Taste a variety of delicious topping combinations
  • Enjoy the pizza experience in a small and intimate group setting
  • Learn tips and tricks for making pizzas and ovens
  • Enjoy a fun cooking, eating and social experience
  • Italian Cooking Class Master

    Italian Cooking Class Master

    Italian cooking is renowned for it’s use of fresh and high quality ingredients. Our Italian cooking class will...

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    Pizza Making Party

    Pizza Making Party

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    Home Cooked Goodness Kid Classes

    Monday Class with meals sent to Belgium Avenue and Collingwood Neighbourhood Houses (BANH) 

    OTAO Kitchen was buzzing on Monday, and thanks to your efforts, 30 portions of beef lasagne were made as well as 80 Chinese custard tarts and 53 pear tarts. The prepared food was sampled by all for lunch, and given the thumbs up! 👍 

    These delicious meals were collected by Sue who will be serving them at the Belgium Avenue and Collingwood Neighbourhood Houses (BANH) weekly community meals.

    The weekly lunches at BANH brings people together and directly addresses isolation, loneliness and ensures a healthy meal becomes a staple diet to those most disadvantaged in our community.

    These lunches are only possible through the generosity of people like YOU. Thank you for donating your time, talent, and treasure. We salute you. 

    If you feel inspired to do more, keep in mind out KiP MWL cooking roster. You can sign up here. The recipes from the session yesterday can be found below.

    Beef lasagne
    Veggie lasagne
    Chinese custard Tart
    Pear Tart

    Kip is striving to create the most engaging, exciting, and meaningful experiences to help foster the next generation of changemakers, but they need your help. Please complete this super quick survey and let us know what we can improve on for next time.

    Tuesday Class with meal sent to Uniting Care formerly Prahran Mission


    What an amazing morning. The KiP OTAO team were blown away today by the focus, dedication and creativity from you all. Definitely some chefs in the making here!

    OTAO Kitchen was a hive of activity - 42 portions of lasagne were made as well as 72 Chinese custard tarts and 41 pear tarts. The prepared food was sampled by all for lunch, and given the thumbs up! 👍 

    These delicious meals were collected by Rosa and the team from Uniting Care (formerly Prahran Mission) where it will be served for their Easter Lunch on Thursday. They are enormously grateful for the food and wanted to share the message below with you all;

    "I just want to thank you so much for all you do, it’s truly amazing! It was such a heart-warming experience and I only wish the kids would be able to see the faces of the recipients and know how much it means to them. Not only was it amazing to receive the food but the cards they made are even more special. 
    Thanking you for the amazing work you do, it will definitely make a difference."

    Thank you for donating your time, talent, and treasure today. We salute you. 

    If you feel inspired to do more, keep in mind out KiP MWL cooking roster. You can sign up here. The recipes from the session today can be found below.

    Dumpling Party

    Dumpling Party

    Do you love dumplings but don't know where to begin your Dumpling Party? This cooking class will take the mystery...

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    School Program with Asian Foods

    School Program with Asian Foods

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    Asian Cooking With Kids

    Asian Cooking With Kids

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    How to make Christmas lunches more enjoyable?

    #1 Menu tips

    You might need to have the turkey or ham as your tradition. Everything else you can just keep it simple and work with our summer. You know Christmas foods are rich in protein, sugary in desserts and heavy in side dishes. That is the reason why everybody tired after lunch. So make something you know well, taste great and simple so everyone can enjoy. Ask family and friends to bring what their favourite dish so everyone can share and much less left over or prep-works for you. Here is the list we think you can include

    Seafood with prawn, baked fish or other pickles with breads 
     can change it with nice dipping sauces

    Two type of meats ~ you may already have the ham or turkey 
    can do different by adding honey soy and ginger glaze

    Great salad selection 
    with Asian light salad such as Thai salad

    Dumplings, rice, noodle, pasta or potato dishes

    Traditional custard, brûlée or pavlova 
    or just go with sticky rice and mango

    Cheese plates or some grazing fruits 
    at the end or how about some mocktails.


    #2 Buying tips

    You can do so much online for ideas and even get together some menu ideas. Write them down and get a list of recipes. You can sort out the ingredients beforehand.

     This process may lead to shopping online or find out where is the cheapest. For example you might be best to collect some prawns and pop them in the freezer as you know there is no fresh prawns! They all get defrosted from the supermarket. You know this time everyone put the prices up!

    #3 Cook & chill tips

    Chef are brilliant at planning ahead so nothing come at surprise for them and you can do that too. A week before you can start making your chutney, relish or sauce and pop in the jar then in the fridge. They last for few weeks and taste better and you don't have to do at last minutes.

    The turkey and ham can be defrost if you bought them frozen few days before. Your oven space is limited so as he Christmas day go, pop them into the oven as soon as you get up. If the weather is going to be hot on the day, you might opt to cook turkey or glazed the ham the day before then served it cold.

    Get your dessert sorted as the meats are in the oven so they can be cook or steam. Then you opt to make couple of side salad and starch dishes. Those can be cook and chill in the fridge as well. 


    #3 Prep tips

    Be time efficient with time so you can enjoy people company when they visit you. Make as many dishes ahead of time, whether it be a Christmas cake that will last if soaked in alcohol or mince tarts. 

    If Champagne or Proseco jelly in a cup with fruit inside might appear to be a dessert trend this year then you can make a day or two before. Laddies and gentleman would love to help out so why dont you pop up some dumplings  for them do do so they feel they are part of your party.


    # 4 Cook or reheat and serve

    Being a good host these days always has antipasto or grazing platters. This can mean they can take photos with foods and move around the house and enjoy your company. A trend cooking party  that using platters with finger foods instead of large portion and sit down dinner. You might opt for a smaller canape size of foods mixing up with individual meat and salad bowls. 

    All you have to do is cooking in smaller size portion so you ask your friends and familly members to help by cutting them up with uniform and small size. You can time it so there are platter then a serve up mixing style. As you don't have to set the table on the day. Cutlery and crockery your party can basically set that while you're waiting for their foods. 


    #5 Leftover Tips

    After a successful meal and everyone is spread across couches with food comas, the next task to tackle is packing up the leftovers. Use zip-lock bags and containers so guests can take home the delicious food. Ham can last for at least a week if stored in a cloth bag that take out the moisture. Another option is to organise a potluck barbecue with friends. Christmas Day is often with family, so on Boxing Day you can invite people with their favourite leftovers.

    Vegan Asian Cooking Day

    Vegan Asian Cooking Day

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    Asian Finger Food Cooking Master

    Asian Finger Food Cooking Master

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    Dumpling Party

    Dumpling Party

    Do you love dumplings but don't know where to begin your Dumpling Party? This cooking class will take the mystery...

    Duration 2 Hours

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    Tips for Cooking Family Meals At Home






    Private Cooking Party

    Private Cooking Party

    Cook with your family, organise corporate parties, host your conference guests or just to have fun with colleagues...

    Duration 3 Hours

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    Dumpling Party

    Dumpling Party

    Do you love dumplings but don't know where to begin your Dumpling Party? This cooking class will take the mystery...

    Duration 2 Hours

    From AUD $109 Book now

    Mother Day Special


    Cooking for Mums? We have a fun family banh xeo recipe for you to try. Banh Xeo is Vietnamese for ‘sizzling cake’ which is the delicious sound when pouring the pancake batter into a hot pan. Banh Xeo is a favourite dish in Vietnam which is mostly enjoyed as a lunch or dinner meal. Banh Xeo has now become a popular dish in Australian Vietnamese Restaurants. If you love Banh Xeo as much as we do, or even if you have never tried it before, this recipe is easy and fun to make yourself at home. 

    Full Banh Xeo Recipe here 



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    Japanese Cooking Class Master

    Japanese Cooking Class Master

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    Dumpling Party

    Dumpling Party

    Do you love dumplings but don't know where to begin your Dumpling Party? This cooking class will take the mystery...

    Duration 2 Hours

    From AUD $109 Book now