How To Find The Best Ingredients For Asian Cuisine


If you’ve ever been to a Chinese, Indian, or Thai restaurant, you likely already know how intentional Asians are when it comes to preparing food. Their dishes can’t be easily replicated using the typical options you find around you, so you’ll need to look for a good source of Asian ingredients. 

It’s popular knowledge that to make the best Asian cuisine, you should have the best ingredients. You probably want to try cooking some Asian meals at home, but you don’t even know where you can get everything you need to do so. Fortunately for you, the answer is right here. Just read on to know how you can search for and get your hands on quality ingredients for Asian cuisine.

  1. Browse Catalogues

You’re probably wondering why you haven’t thought about this. Or maybe you have. Either way, checking catalogues is a great way to locate specific shops where you can get good ingredients for the Asian food you want to serve.

Not only will a catalogue provide you with store names, but it’ll also help you know the prices of the ingredients you’re after. Browsing a Coles catalogue and others similar to it will even allow you to discover special offers you can take advantage of.

  1. Visit An Asian Supermarket

You may have already gone to different supermarkets in your area numerous times to purchase ingredients for your everyday meals. However, those places might not have the specific ingredients that’ll allow you to prepare Asian dishes the right way. You have to go to Asian grocery stores to buy those, so keep an eye out for one whenever you’re walking around or traveling from one place to another.

  1. Do An Internet Search

In a world where nearly every business is online, you’ll surely be able to find an Asian online store offering high-quality ingredients. Some of them may even offer discounts on certain items. You only have to take your time and ensure that you choose the right one for you. 

Although many of them have physical shops, it may be more convenient for you to order from them online and have your items delivered. In doing so, you’ll save time and effort and get your Asian ingredients at excellent prices.

  1. Ask An Asian Friend Or Neighbour

Of course, your Asian friends and acquaintances would know exactly where you can buy fresh ingredients for Asian cuisine, and they’ll be delighted to share that sort of information with you. Don’t be surprised if they even offer to accompany you to the particular stores they mention. And when they do go with you, they might just be able to teach you how you can determine the freshness and quality of certain food items.

Common Ingredients In Asian Cuisine

If you’re wondering what ingredients you’ll need for Asian dishes, check the list below. Unlike Western cuisine, Asian cuisine has plenty of plant-based options that aren’t merely salads or sides. So if you’re a vegetarian or vegan, you’ll definitely want to try your hand at cooking with some of these ingredients:

  • Tofu

Tofu is highly favoured among Asians since it’s low in fat and rich in protein. It’s made from soybeans and can be easily incorporated into all sorts of dishes since it absorbs the flavours of the other ingredients you cook it with.

  • Bamboo

Bamboo is a unique vegetable often used in Asian cuisine. There are many edible species of bamboo, and they can either be tough or tender. What’s more, they’re rich in protein, fibre, and vitamin B.

To make the most of bamboo shoots, they’re often boiled before use. This helps get rid of their naturally bitter taste. Then, they’re thinly sliced and added to soups or stir fries to give them a pleasant yet subtle flavour.

  • Chili Pepper

The chili pepper is an all-time favourite of Asians to make a wide variety of dishes more exciting and add a nice kick to them. It can even be processed into powder form. Powdered chili pepper is convenient for storage and can be found not only in Asian stores but in most regular stores.

  • Fish Sauce 

Unlike tofu, bamboo, and chili pepper that are plant-based ingredients, fish sauce is animal-based. It’s prevalent in Southeast Asian countries. This liquid condiment is processed from small fish just before fermentation. It has a strong, salty flavour that may not be appealing to some people. The key to using this in your dishes is to avoid adding too much of it at a time.


Asians can be rather particular about their meals. Although many of them enjoy plant-based dishes, meat is just as abundant in their cuisine. To prepare a delicious Asian meal, you have to get the freshest ingredients you can find, and you’ll be able to do just that by following the tips discussed above.

How To Find The Best Ingredients For Asian Cuisine