6 Best Foods To Pair With Oolong Tea


Many tea lovers agree that a cup of tea can be the perfect drink accompaniment for almost any food item. Whether sweet, savory, or anything in between, tea goes well with many dishes, fruits, snacks, or desserts. Aside from its versatile flavor, oolong can also cleanse the palate with each sip, allowing the diner to savor the taste of the meal with more clarity. Ultimately, freshly brewed tea offers warmth, ideal for cold days or relaxing the body after a long day.  

Oolong tea is one popular variant characterized by its smooth and rich flavor that's more complex than other types. Besides its light and dark variants, oolong has the desirable traits of black and green tea, making it an instant crowd favorite. Moreover, this tea boasts many health benefits that aid in weight management, relieve stress, and enhance cognitive functions.  

Where to Buy Oolong Tea

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Flavor-wise, oolong can be paired with light snacks, sweets, and savory food items such as curries and meat dishes. Aside from these, here are some more food pairing ideas with a delicious cup of oolong tea. 

  1. Fruits 

Are you looking for a refreshing snack to serve your guests for a fun, relaxing afternoon? Then, you can consider serving oolong tea with a platter of cut-up fresh fruits such as: 

  • Cherries 

  • Berry varieties such as strawberries, blueberries, and others 

  • Citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, and lemons 

  • Apples 

  • Plums 

  • Mangoes 

  • Peaches 

  • Apricots 

  • Pineapple 

  • Pears 

For the perfect pairing, you'll need to use a lighter variant of oolong or something with a fruity hint to achieve better flavor balance. You can also use mint oolong tea for a pleasant, cooling effect.  

  1. Charcuterie Cheese Board 

Do you want to host a unique afternoon tea party? Then, you can serve your guests a charcuterie cheese board filled with nuts, cold cuts, crackers, olives, and cheese variants. This pairing would make an enjoyable light meal while chatting with guests in a casual gathering. Moreover, you can play with different flavors and textures to make it an exciting dining experience for your guests.  

The variety of items you can include on your cheese board depends on your liking, though the selection of cheese should be able to match the flavor profile of your oolong tea to achieve a pleasant balance. For instance, if you have oolong teas with fruity or floral notes, you can serve them with hard-pressed uncooked cheese such as: 

  • Edam 

  • Gouda 

  • Reblochon 

  • Monterey Jack 

  • Cantal 

  • Cheddar 

To add variation to the flavor profile of your cheeseboard, add sweet and savory sauces and dips, as well as a pot of honey. However, if you're serving your tea hot, it may be advisable to avoid spicy foods because the cooling effect required to tone down the spiciness is insufficient. 

  1. Savory Dishes And Snacks 

Many tea lovers would enjoy a glass of ice-cold oolong tea served with their favorite savory dishes. You can pair this versatile drink with food items such as: 

  • Soups 

  • Chips 

  • Salads 

  • Fried, stewed, roasted, or curried meat dishes 

  • Vegetable dishes 

  • Pasta varieties 

  • Meat or vegetable-based wraps such as tacos and burritos 

  • Cold cuts 

Iced oolong tea is perfect for serving savory dishes heavy with oil, cream, or spices because of its naturally tart and refreshing taste, which can help cut intense flavors and cleanse the palate. Moreover, you can explore fruit and floral oolong varieties if you want to boost the fragrance and taste of your iced tea.  

  1. Sandwiches 

Sandwiches can be served with either hot or cold beverages, and oolong tea also makes an excellent pairing. Moreover, there are various ways to serve oolong tea with sandwiches. For instance, you can serve finger sandwiches with a pot of freshly brewed tea, sugar, and cream for afternoon tea. Meanwhile, you can also serve iced oolong tea with a squeeze of citrus, or a few mint leaves for a cooling drink with a clubhouse sandwich or burger and fries.  

  1. Pastries 

Pastries are some of the most popular food items paired with different types of tea. They can be either sweet or savory and can have a variety of flavor profiles. Examples of pastries that go well with oolong tea include: 

  • Pies 

  • Quiche 

  • Croissants 

  • Bread-based appetizers such as canapes, crostini, and bruschetta 

  • Pretzels 

  • Macarons 

  • Biscuits 

  • Cookies 

  • Tarts 

  • Scones 

  • Donuts 

Oolong tea has a flexible flavor that's easy to match with any pastry of your choosing. The trick is to find the best variant for your food item. For instance, dark oolong tea has a depth of flavor suited for creamy and savory pies, croissants, or appetizers. Meanwhile, light and tart oolong teas would go well with mild-flavored pastries such as biscuits, scones, or cookies.  



  1. Desserts 

Oolong tea can also be the perfect drink for those with a sweet tooth. This type of tea is ideal for pairing with various desserts, such as: 

  • Cakes 

  • Teacakes 

  • Gelatin-based sweets such as panna cotta 

  • Spiced or sweetened fruit desserts such as cobblers or poached pears, apricots, and nectarines 

  • Meringue 

  • Pavlova 

  • Custard 

As with other food types, selecting the correct oolong tea is essential to match your dessert. Moreover, you can also add more flavors to your tea to match your food. For instance, if you're serving fruit poached in liquor, you can add a hint of the same liquor in your tea to make the flavors complement each other.  


When choosing the best food item to go well with your oolong tea, you'll need to consider the weather, temperature, time of day, and what would suit the occasion. Moreover, you'll also need to factor in the flavor profile of your tea and the food item you'll serve. If you're serving a fruity version of light oolong tea, you'll need to select an accompanying dish, snack, or dessert that would go well with the tart or citrusy profile. Meanwhile, deep-flavored black oolong tea would be the perfect drink to match a heavy sauce-based dish or a chocolate dessert.



6 Best Foods To Pair With Oolong Tea
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