Top 8 Asian Kitchen Essentials


While most Asian cuisines can be prepared with regular pots, there are special utensils to make cooking easier. You might not be able to afford everything at once, but you can always start somewhere. For instance, you can start with a bamboo skimmer and enjoy branching your vegetables. With time, you'll be able to get every Asian utensil you need with a bit of patience. Among the most important Asian kitchen utensils include:

1.     Cast Iron Wok

The wok is always on the top list of Asian kitchen utensils. There isn't any Asian kitchen without an iron cast wok. A wok is used for cooking almost every dish—from curries to stir-fries, dumplings, and deep-fried foods.

When purchasing a wok, there are some guidelines to follow. First, the wok should be made from cast iron. A cast iron requires more maintenance than a non-stick wok but it can enhance food flavour due to its coating. Second, the wok should be at least 14 inches with a long handle to prevent the hands from burning. You may want to visit for more information on woks and their prices.

2.     Wok Spatula And Ladle

Where there's a wok, there's a wok spatula. A good wok spatula should have a wooden handle to avoid burning the fingers. While there are fancy wok spatulas with stainless steel handles, they might not be a good choice since stainless steel is a good conductor of heat. With such a spatula wok, you are more likely to burn your fingers, unlike when using one with wooden handles. In addition, your hands are bound to become oily and greasy, making it difficult to have a good grip on a wok with stainless steel handles.

On the other hand, a wok ladle is essential when preparing and serving soup. The ladle should also have a wooden handle. In the same way steel wok spatulas aren't and shouldn't be used on a non-stick surface, silicone, bamboo, and wooden spatulas shouldn't be used in a wok since they might not collect the food from the bottom of the wok properly. Since wok spatulas come with a curved end, it glides the bottom of a curved wok, easily picking up all the food and sauces at the bottom.

3.     Clay Pots

Clay pots are probably the oldest Asian kitchen tool to date. Their designs also haven't changed much. Clay pots and braziers are made of sand and clay. They are suitable for cooking various cuisines such as stews, soups, and curries.

Most Asians love to transfer the already cooked food into a clay pot until serving time. This way, the food remains warm and fresh. You can choose a simple and rustic design or settle for a fancy design, but they're all valuable and efficient.

4.     Rice Cooker

Rice is an Asian staple food. Therefore, investing in a high-quality rice cooker is paramount among Asians. While you can also cook delicious rice on a stove, an electric rice cooker is more convenient and efficient. All you need to do is fill the cooker with clean rice and add water to the marked level before turning on the cooker.

You'll no longer experience mushy, undercooked, or burnt rice with an electric cooker. Also, the electric rice cooker can keep the rice warm for several hours. Therefore, regardless of whether you prepared your rice early, it will still be warm during mealtime.

5.     Bamboo Skimmer

A bamboo or spider skimmer is essential as far as deep-frying is concerned. Unlike when using a wok or spatula, a skimmer picks up more food when serving. Skimmers are found in different sizes to suit various needs. Larger skimmers are suitable for vegetable and noodle branching, while medium skimmers are suitable for deep-frying.

6.     Mortar And Pestle

Asians are known for preparing spicy delicacies, hence the need for a mortar and pestle. Grinding fresh spices such as garlic and ginger is easier with these tools.

7.     Chinese Cleaver

Just looking at a Chinese cleaver can be intimidating. However, after using it, you'll definitely grow fond of it. A Chinese cleaver is used to cut meat like chicken and pork ribs. Since most Chinese dishes with pork ribs require the ribs to be chopped into small pieces, a cleaver is essential to make the work easy.

8.     Bamboo Wok Brush

A bamboo wok brush is essential if you have a wok in the kitchen. However, you can also use a stainless-steel scrubber to clean your wok instead of a bamboo wok brush.

When using a wok brush, rinse the wok first under running water, then brush it in a circular motion to get rid of food particles. Afterward, place the wok on the burner under medium heat for it to dry. As much as possible, avoid using soap since it can remove the much-needed oils to give the wok a nice patina.


Asians are known for preparing incomparable delicacies. And to succeed in their cooking, they require high-quality utensils. Those mentioned above are but a few essentials. They are easily accessible, and you can always get some if you'd want to use Asian utensils.


Top 8 Asian Kitchen Essentials
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