Top 6 Kitchen Essentials For Budding Chefs


There's no better time than now to take a full check of your kitchen essentials as a budding chef. If you still keep old and destroyed pots, stubborn knives, and worn-out chopping boards, it’s time to change those. These essentials have reached their end of life when it doesn’t serve its purpose anymore. Chefs know that while cooking skill and technique matter, it doesn’t hurt to invest in top-quality materials to make cooking easier, more efficient, and speedier, too.

You have that drive within you now to take your cooking to the next level. So, as you hone your skills, your kitchen tools should contribute to that purpose as well. Yes, there are gadgets and gizmos for just about everything in the kitchen. But you don’t need to have them all at once as a budding chef. You can start with the bare essentials.

With that said, here’s a list of the top kitchen essentials you must have as a budding chef:

1. Store Catalogue

Grocery store catalogues are still present nowadays, and that’s for a good reason. Budding chef or not, it’s advantageous to have copies of grocery store catalogues like the ALDI catalogue and others. This keeps you on the loop as to what supplies are in store, what’s on sale or special, and what’s new on the shelves.

In keeping with digital times, many store catalogues are also available online or through digital form. So, there’s no reason for you not to subscribe to those on your mobile phone. Within the pages of catalogues, you may also find discounts, coupons, and promo codes that are exclusive only to the catalogue subscribers. As a budding chef, those discounts are great! That means you can source out ingredients for lower prices.


2. Sub-Zero Refrigerator

Of course, every kitchen needs to have a refrigerator. But as a budding chef, you can take it further by having a sub-zero refrigerator. This type of fridge has a stronger ability to preserve the flavour of ingredients. Prolonging the freshness is key to having the best-tasting dishes, unless you have the luxury of time to buy fresh produce every single day.

Sub-zero refrigerators also come with a lot of added features to ensure overall safety. These include an air purification system and an antimicrobial system to keep food fresh, safe, and clean.


3. Three Knives

You want to have a whole block of knives for various uses. There’s such a thing called three knives. These are your paring knife, chef’s knife, and serrated bread knife. If you can invest in those three, then you’re good to go.

Those three knives, no matter how top-quality they may be, will eventually get dull. So, as you invest in those three, it makes sense also that you invest in a good quality knife sharpener.


4. Heavy, Wooden Chopping Board

If what you have are still the old, plastic, flimsy chopping boards from many years back, it’s time to let go of those. A budding chef needs heavy, wooden chopping boards to match. Wooden chopping boards can withstand even the heavy chopping of meat. 

To practice best sanitary practices, be sure to get at least two—one for raw meat, fish, and poultry, and another for vegetables and fruits.


5. Stock Pots

Stock pots are great as they can form the foundation of complex recipes. On the stock pot, you can start sautéing the vegetables and spices without the need of transferring to another pot. There, you can also make pasta, soup, and other dishes.

When shopping for a stock pot, be sure to check its efficiency, material quality, and its compatibility not just with your stove at home but with a wide range of other stoves as well.


6. Cast-Iron Pan

Cast iron is one of the most inexpensive ways to have a good pan that conducts heat quite well. This is great for frying and grilling, especially if you’re cooking steak and chicken. While using a cast-iron pan takes a lot more work than using a non-stick pan, the food taste coming out of the cast-iron pan is worth all that effort. Not to mention how cast-iron pans can last for a long time.



The list above enlightens you on the top essentials you need to have in your kitchen as an aspiring chef. While not exhaustive, it’s up to you to tweak and add based on the dishes you usually make and the tools you personally swear by. Little by little, as you hone your skills, you can add more to your list as well. There's a tool for every chef, with that perfect balance of the tried and tested must-haves, as well as new ones on the rise.

Top 6 Kitchen Essentials For Budding Chefs