Vegetarian is not a dirty word


While there may be some stigma surrounding Vegetarianism, there shouldn’t be. Meat is actually only a very small part of our diets and on the whole, we eat predominantly vegetarian food. Think about it, do you ever just serve yourself a plate of meat for dinner? No. You accompany it with vegetables, salad, pasta etc. Who doesn’t love vegetables, fruit, nuts and rice?!

Vegetarian is not a dirty word

Researchers argue that while the human body can digest meat, we are actually designed to be herbivores. For example; our molars are flat and blunt making them more ideal for grinding, not gnashing and tearing. All herbivores share this same feature.

People often mistakenly associate a vegetarian diet with low energy levels and poor health. But did you know that soybeans actually contain more protein per quantity than pork or chicken? And a plant-based diet actually increases the body’s metabolism, burning calories up to 16% faster compared to a meat-based diet! Fruit also contains natural sugars that are low GI giving you a fantastic natural source of energy that will last longer without that nasty come down effect.

Cooking vegetarian recipes is not only easy and delicious, there are many added health benefits and dollar savings to be had. Vietnamese vegetarian uses a mass of fresh, tasty and sustainable ingredients.

In our new Veg Out Vegetarian cooking class, you will discover a range of tantalising recipes that will deliciously add to your existing cooking repertoire.

Join Chef Ha who will teach you how to make Vegetable rice paper rolls, a sizzling Vietnamese pancake filled with mushroom, mung beans and sprouts, and tofu in a zingy tomato, chilli and spring onion sauce. Finish it all off with the incredible ‘Che Bap’; a beautiful sweet corn, sesame and coconut milk dessert!

OTAO Kitchen’s Veg Out Vegetarian cooking classes kick off this week - 7 Feb @ 11am.

We have a special introductory price just for you if you get in quick!

Don’t have a cow man. Go Veg with OTAO.

Vegan Cooking Master Class

Vegan Cooking Master Class

Explore vibrant spices, beautiful sauces, fresh vegetables, tofu and beans in vegan cooking. If Asian vegan dishes...

Duration 3 Hours

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