How to Make Steamed Chinese Bao

Serving: 2

Preparation time: 30 minute

Execution time: 10 minute

Chinese Baos or steam buns have been taking the food scene by storm in recent year and and it's easy to make yourself at home. But before you go you may want to know few things.


If you go and pick up a bag of four from Woolworth or Coles we would have a standard flour which its colour is yellow not white. To make them white you will need to use a bleached flour. You can buy these flour online however these flour have been treated so it may loose some of nutrition and vitamin which important to our body.

You can use cake flour instead of the combination of all-purpose and cornstarch. The bleached cake flour gives whiter steamed buns while the unbleached cake flour gives slightly yellowish buns, but they are equally delicious.

How to Make Steamed Chinese Bao



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