Hospitality and Event Consulting

Otao kitchen is a boutique hospitality consultancy based in Melbourne and operating Australia, Vietnam and New Zealand. We help you with new set-up, launch and continued success of your business. We work with established venue to expand or small independent businesses that need to be re-launched. 

Strategy and operational support

With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the business, we can assist you to access the market and develop a successful business. By working with clients' needs we can develop services and processes for a successful business strategy. This allows for decision-making, fast action, and the rapid implementation of resources to focus what the most important factors for business growth. We have experience in opening and re-launching venues, ensuring they are effectively managed. Then you can see the growth in sales and reduction expenses leading to higher return of your investment. Areas we can help you with
  • business planning
  • financial advice and risk assessment
  • food and beverage cost analysis
  • operating systems (including accounting, scheduling, inventories, purchasing)
  • customer insight and strategy
  • market and competitor analysis
  • project management project management
  • cost control
  • equipment and fit-out
  • product sourcing
  • concept development
  • brand and proposition development

Kitchen and flow set up

We offers kitchen consultancy to analyse kitchen operations, propose recommendations and assist in implementing improvements.

  • Menus
  • Quality and consistency
  • Standard recipe cards
  • Operations
  • Efficiency
  • Systems
  • Staffing
  • Training
  • Wastage
  • Costs

Sales and Marketing consultancy

We help our clients to develop comprehensive insights into their customers and markets to identify opportunities and grow their businesses. You can gain a deeper understanding of their  customers’ needs in order to build a more valuable and profitable relationship with them. Our approach is based on different strategies for the different client segments with whom you work, resulting in a complete management of your business. We combine sales strategies with menu optimisation, customer insights, a focus on the customer relationship, pricing, and channel management.
  • competition analysis
  • overview of customer insights and trends
  • training and coaching your sales team
  • monthly follow-up meetings to evaluate results
  • website
  • photo and video
  • defining sales and marketing strategies for the customer segment
  • defining an action plan with goals to achieve
  • social media stategy
  • event management
  • press and pr

Event Management

We can plan and manage the entire process to realise a successful event in order to respond to our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. We have experience in organising large events, launches, opening parties, PR events with journalists and food bloggers, conferences, live music events and themed events such as gourmet evenings and tastings.
  • venue searches
  • handling pre- and post-event requirements
  • full service event management (including music)
  • guest list management
  • design and distribution of promotional materials
  • catering and travel arrangements
  • pr and marketing activities
  • managing budgets

If you need creative and practical direction, OTAO Kitchen’s hospitality and tourism consulting services specialise in small to medium events, new hospitality and venture set-ups, and renovation projects.

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