Otao kitchen is one of most popular cooking centre in Melbourne with more than 3000 foodies cooking each year and it grows 50% every year. Our research shows Australians related better with brands through food and hospitality. Otao kitchen is only 5 years old and we have grown and we love to work with different businesses for the benefits of everyone involved.


We are Asian food experience centre in Melbourne. As an expert in Asian cooking and foods, we assist brands to stage large cooking format events for corporates and community festivals. We invested in technology, recipe testing and cooking program development by cultivating special working relationship with our partners and suppliers. We can put together team of celebrity chefs from the best restaurants in Australia and overseas to promote your brand to our existing customers and potential clients.


If your business and organisation is looking to promote your brand with focus on the quality product and service through food projects then Otao kitchen is perfect way to go. We love to meet your current and future clients and engage with them through food experiences so you can win their heart and create better value for them.


We custom your event and project to work for your brands so this helps potential clients to interact and connect with your business. Our team of chefs will not only talk, utilise products and services but also promote your them as organic and natural way to potential customers and their expertise will have weight. Your customers will be able to evaluate it and make a conscious decision about your brand. Some project would be food events, design equipment, special food and drink offer, unique services and more. 
Our cooking studio is a great platform for testing, marketing and service of new products and services. If you need to work out your competitive advantages, we can assist you. We even work to market and sell your product to customers in Australia and Asian.

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