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Avoid the long queues, save time and make things better by gifting a food experience gift vouchers. Our food experience and food tours really are a gift that keeps on giving. They’ll have a blast and leave with a new set of recipes, tips and tricks under their belt and the confidence to recreate some great dishes for them at home. Here’s hoping you get a dinner invite! 

If you never been to a cooking class, Otao kitchen cooking school in a great place to start. Hands on Asian cooking classes with heaps of fun and you’ll get to cook and eat what you make from scratch. ThaiVietnameseJapaneseChineseIndianIndonesianKoreanStreet Food of AsiaItalianMexicaSpanishGreekDumplingPizza and Vegan are examples for you to learn new tips and tricks for your home kitchen.

Cooking Class Gift Vouchers

Be the greatest gift giver! Give the gift of cooking with an OTAO Kitchen gift voucher.

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Birthday Gift Voucher Ideas For Her and For Him

Thinking about a birthday gift voucher idea for her or birthday gift voucher idea for him can be difficult. We have many choices with Melbourne food experiences. You can get them gourmet food packs, chocolates, kitchen gadgets or food experience vouchers. A perfect birthday gift voucher for her or a birthday gift voucher for him can get pretty overwhelming! We have created a solution for you! With some of best food experiences and cooking classes in Australia, you can select a perfect experience gifts right here. Your lover can learn few cooking tips and tricks while having a great time. These gift vouchers will be 100% hands on cooking. They will leave with some great fun and story to share with you. These experience gift vouchers are available online too. That’s easy!Chose a birthday voucher for your lover here. 

Wedding Gifts

Buying wedding gifts for friends and family members can be a big task as the people often have different ideas, wants or needs. You can get them some gourmet produce or gig products off the shelf or any kitchen gadget. We recommend you with getting an experience gift. Your friends and family members will not only love their experience but also they will share their experience with you after the event. We work hard to create for you some excellent cooking and food experiences to select, these unique experience gift vouchers are an amazing gifts for friends and family special day or special occasion like wedding and anniversary like this time. Now you can select a beautiful wedding gift for your friends and family. If they decide to change their mind for their gift for different experience, we will swap for them with different Experience wedding gift at no charge.

Anniversary Gifts

Wondering about Anniversary Gifts? We passionate about cooking, we believe cooking are shared and enjoy partners and couples. Why you should buy a food experience for anniversary gift? Because people love cooking and sharing for their your family and friends! In a cooking experiences, they will learn new dishes for their kitchen, taste new ingredients and have an awesome fun. So get them a food experience now as you might get dinner invitation when they try their new dishes at home. Our anniversary gifts can be a beautifully-compliment for the 1st wedding anniversary, the 2nd wedding anniversary, the 3rd wedding anniversary, the 4th wedding anniversary and the 5th year anniversary gifts and the 20th or 30th year anniversary.You can give mum and dad out for their ultimate Vietnam holiday. Food experience day gift can be cheap compare to other anniversary gifts and wedding gifts that may never get used thanked to your search in unique wedding present ideas. Here is some ideas for you:

Christmas Gift Voucher Ideas

Christmas is around the corner and you are looking for Christmas gift voucher ideas? You found the right place for your Christmas gift certificates and vouchers online. One of the greatest things about Melbourne is its incredible culture diversity, which is reflected wonderfully in our range of amazing food experience ideas if you think of food experience gifts now. Choose a product off the shelves or a food experience as Christmas Gift Voucher? The answer is about these food experiences and cooking classes are as interesting things to do to locals as they are to tourists. After all, how often do we go exploring foods in different angle like cooking in our own city? This Xmas gift is perfect Christmas gift or Christmas presents for dad, mum, husband and sister… They will love the eating, drinking, bonding and having great fun. It’s simple without hunting down the street, your gift to mum and sister, dad and brother as a Xmas gift voucher online. 

Gift Voucher For Men

Quite often people associate cooking class for the ladies when buying gift voucher for men? Wrong! Our boys love cooking as much as our laddies do! Our food experiences are for anyone from avid foodies and experienced cooks, to those that don’t know how to cook at all. Our cooking classes cater to all tastes and skill levels. Your dad, your husband, your brother or your boss… will love cooking experiences and food experiences, so he’ll be happy to know you bought him a great gift. Here’s a collection of the best deals we have on offer so you can give your man a bigger, better story on their special day!

Congratulations Gifts

Whether your partners, your friends, workmates, and family member celebrating a graduation, a new job, a promotion, a first home, or any other accomplishment, our collection of congratulations gifts with food experiences are the perfect way to say “You did it!”. Hands-on cooking experiences or food tours can be a a way to congratulate some foodies to try out new dishes or food adventure. They learn few tips and tricks for their new creation at home too. Everyone love foods too and they will remember your gift and talk about it for a long time. They will learn hands on cooking with a chef on their special day. Plus there will be a bottle of bubble for them to celebrate! The best way to say congratulations is by sending a delicious gift voucher now.

Thank You Gifts

Looking for thank you gifts for your employees, volunteers, or valuable people who make a difference in your private life, your business or your community? Food and cooking experiences are the perfect appreciation gifts for any budget! Giving appreciation gifts is a great way to show your gratitude and let them know they are making a difference to you, to your business and to your community. Here is the selection of greatest thank you gifts.

Engagement gifts

While wedding events are special day to many friends and family, engagement events are increasingly popular to get invited to your friends and family members’ special day. Engagement gifts are certainly not mandatory, you may want to consider springing for something if you’re especially close to person getting married. Specially if you are invited to attend a formal engagement party in advance of the wedding. Your question often with what to buy them? You want a gift that they can use, but that also feels like them. Well, we’ve found the perfect food experiences and cooking classes for every couple out there. They can learn few new things for their sweet home together – cooking perfect healthy meals. You became their best friend and get invited to their house – if you aren’t already!.