Kid Cooking Classes

CODE: PVPT0M  |  Class Size: 12+ people  |  Skill Level: Kid lesson  |  Ages: 12+ years old 2 Hours  |  Melbourne


Kid Cooking Classes Kid Cooking Classes
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Get your child immersed in Asian food culture with Otao kitchen cooking program. This is a great way for kids, family and teacher to cook together in stress-free cooking studio enjoy the food and have a great fun. Or we can come to you!

Term 1 - Thai Cooking 

  • Vermicelli Noodles Salad with poached chicken and julienne vegetables 
  • Sticky Rice + Mango

This class is Gluten free, Nut free and Dairy Free

Term 2 - Sushi Cooking Class

  • Making sushi with chicken, avocado, cucumber, capsicum
  • Dango - Moon Viewing Party

This class is Gluten free, can be nut free (coating for Dango) and Dairy Free

Term 3 - Vietnamese Cooking 

  • Rice Paper Rolls with mixed vegetable, herbs and Pork Belly with dipping fish sauce
  • Rice Cake with chocolate

This class is Gluten free, Nut free and can be Dairy Free without chocolate

Term 4 - Chinese or Japanese dumplings

  • Steamed Chicken Wontons and Dumplings
  • Complimentary Exotic Fruits

This class is "Can be" Gluten free (substitute dumpling wrappers), Nut free and Dairy Free. You can buy all 4 lessons.  

Please note 

This is Kid Cooking Classes - parents, guardians and grandparents who join the class may not benefit as the kid would - your experience would be spending time with your kids and having some fun with them. We understand your kids may be more advanced than the other kids and we can schedule a private class from 8 persons for you and your kid(s) with one of our master class.

If you want to hire us to teach at your school or private home party, there is a one of cost $285 per session including travel and prep time up to 4 hours. Any extra hour we will charge at $65 per hour. There is a seperate fee for each kid for food and drink for the menu above.

More question, please email us


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