Melbourne School Excursions with Asian Food Tour

CODE: PCBF1Y  |  Class Size: 12+  |  Skill Level: Kid lesson  |  Ages: 10+ years old 2 Hours  |  Melbourne START BOOKING NOW


For things to do in Melbourne, you can't get more immersed in Asian food culture than a food tour and/or lunch and/or cooking. Our food tour is a true culinary escapade, both inside and outside of our Melbourne food culture.


Have you been looking for school incursion ideas in Melbourne? Our school excursion experiences have proven popular with Melbourne schools over the years, complementing their Asian language and culture programs. With our purpose-built cooking school and qualified chefs, we bring to your kids the best market tours, food tasting and cooking experiences in Melbourne. Your students will enjoy plenty of hands-on fun. Visiting markets and cooking great recipes in our beautiful cooking space is the best way of enhancing students’ skill, experience, and creativity. Our school excursion experiences are great for 10-16 year old students for educational field trips that introduce them to life skills, class spirit and cooking confidence.


  • A new and unique menu is offered each school excursion
  • This 2-hour class is a perfect way to lead into a meal plus plenty of fun to fill in some time on the school excursion to Melbourne
  • There are plenty of foods for the kids to eat too!
  • Learn new recipes – authentic and fun in Asian cooking classes in Melbourne
  • Our hands-on and safe, with the use of induction cooktops and no fire involved!
  • Parents and teacher can join in for cooking, sharing and eating bonding experience with your students


  • Complimentary refresher drinks on arrival and during the class
  • The freshest quality food and ingredients locally sourced from the Victoria Street Markets
  • All dietary options including vegan and gluten free
  • This hands-on experience lasts for approximately 90 mins
  • Complimentary Asian fruits
  • Unique menu design for each type of cuisine with Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese or Simply Dumpling Party
  • We can organise kids and student cooking classes at your school or venue for 10-600 people

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