Melbourne Corporate Team Food Truck Challenge

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Melbourne Corporate Team Food Truck Challenge Melbourne Corporate Team Food Truck Challenge
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Melbourne Corporate Team Food Truck Challenge



Class Size: 12+ people
Skill Level: All
3 Hours
Ages: 16+ years old


Food truck is really a business dating back many years and recently a challenge still for many chefs and business owners. We have taken the food truck from its chassis to our kitchen as your food... Read More


Feeling really brave? Let Otao Kitchen stages a culinary quest of epic proportions. After enjoying some small bites upon arrival, guests will head into combat where they will be divided into competing groups. Once at their station, each team's three edible weapons will be revealed. Depending on number of people we will divide the group into teams of 4s. Each team can produce 2 dishes from the menu or alternatively they are given items (two proteins, two veggies & two starches), will serve as a base for whatever the competitors decide to present at their feast. No Recipes - just 90 minutes and a desire to win. Each team and their Chef will brainstorm, plan, cook, and execute food to be served just as food truck. Your challenge is to prepare a dish for a mass audience well as you have limited spaces and time to feed as many as you can.

Depending on how large your team and the venue size. Team will not only prepare the great foods serving with but also construct and decorate their own truck poster. They create the food truck business name and logo. Your team will be having fun while working competitively, creatively and completely in their new project. Your team will be judged on the food truck product, presentation and originality of the street foods. The Food Truck Challenge is designed to keep everyone involved, from the cutting, slicing, and dicing to the creative marketing crew.

A few added twists from our master of ceremonies will help to create a memorable evening of laughter and rivalry - And if your group is as talented as they are courageous, you will enjoy six delightful dishes that are fit for a King. If not, there's always dessert!

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Your group will be divided by the manager or the chef. While having some canapé and lime and mint refresher, you teams will be introduced to our chef(s). Each team will elect to have a leader to run the truck business with assistant from our chef(s). First you start with select cusine then work with a menu and dishes. The chef facilitator will be able to help you with recipes and menus. Now you put your ideas to work!


One part of your team will design the the food truck menu with given wood stick, paper, tape, string and colour pens. You are welcome to be creative with other food items part of the menu.


Teams will start their food truck menu and dishes. Street foods are likelihood for many Asian traders for many years. Simple yet taste amazing! Your team is to prepare enough food for everyone in the party. Here example of what you may make 

  • Japanese food truck with Gyoza dumpling, Yakitori BBQ, Bacon Maki
  • Vietnamese food truck with Banh Mi, Bun Cha BBQ, Spring rolls
  • Thai Food Truck with Som Tam Thai Salad, Moo Ping BBQ, Sticky Rice Mango
  • Chinese Food Truck with dumplings, Cong You Bing - pancake, Gua Bao and BBQ Pork


  • Cooking Party often creates beautiful memories and we like to learn while doing. This is a hands on cooking party event, every times your party made something, they will eat and then start another dish. It is great way to learn in  our 4 hours cooking class. 
  • You KNOW your group well and how much stories they want to share and bonding time, we don't recommend longer than the duration we proposed as you will have great party with people wanting for more!


  • Our team building cooking classes are some of the most popular and effective team bonding experiences available today. It is the best value for activity, entertainment, food and wine package in town! The menu includes classes, challenges and unique dining experiences from private venue with brilliant chef instructor. Cooking party is great way for your party to have a memorable night of fun and laughter and learn some cooking tips and tricks. 


  • You can book by contacting chef Ha 0408 217 899 or In order to secure your booking you will need to pay
  • Pay 4 ticket or 25% deposit. This deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE for cancellations with less than 21 days’ notice. 
  • A booking with deposit is required for securing the date/time. If you cancel the date/time without booking a new date/time, a fee of $25 pp will apply. Full payment is required 7 days before the event date.


  • There is no minimum number of participants as we can organise in our Richmond venue up to 20 and other venue for 60+ people, however there is a minimum charge 12 person. Generally the maximum group size is 20 pp. If you have a larger group, then contact us to discuss other possible arrangements.
  • Unless you elect to join with another group to reduce the cost as your own arrangement then it will only be your group in the kitchen studio.
  • If you have 8 or less people, you may be able to join our weekly classes, please call to discuss.


  • Bookings essential and classes run by request. However, Saturday nights are by far the most popular day, so book early to avoid
  • disappointment. We recommend start time for Lunch 10am Early Dinner 3pm or Later Diner 6pm. 
  • Please note to avoid late you as the organiser will need to get the hens come on time. Meet for pre-event drink at the National Bar – few doors from us see here


  • We are available for private events, public cooking classes, Christmas parties, hens party, birthdays, office parties, team-building workshops, anniversaries… any celebration and party excuse will do.


  • Yes we can do that by arrangement. It is your responsibility to arrange for drop off or collection during our normal operating hours email


  • 95% of our clients tell us that they “don’t cook well”. Everyone will have a great time cooking and learning!


  • It is private event. If the participant has no problem with this, neither do we. We don’t have kid facility but if the mother and her friends can look after them for the duration of the class. Great for day cooking class but not recommend for night cooking class.


  • Boys are welcome. As well as uncle and aunt, father and mother, father and mother in law, partners, sisters, work mates... will have a ball

Call us today 0408 217 899 or email


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