The Best Christmas Gift Guide for Food Lovers

Christmas is coming and we can no longer postpone the daunting task that is Christmas shopping! Hence, we will present our ultimate Christmas gift guide to help you get through Christmas shopping this year:

The Best Christmas Gift Guide for Food Lovers

Ultimate Christmas Gift with hands on cooking experiences

These Christmas gift vouchers offers a range of Asian cooking classes in many of the major regions around Australia including Melbourne and Adelaide, perfect for those who have been wanting to learn how to cook or improve their cooking skills.

Enjoy a 25% discount when you use promo code XMAS17 and buy our cooking class gift voucher today – Limited to the first 180 vouchers to be used in 2017!

Inspiring Asian Cookbooks

Choosing a worthy cookbook can be frustrating because the choices out there can be overwhelming. Lucky for you, we have searched and selected a few options for you to give to your foodie friends/relatives or any food lovers on your gift list. See below for our recommendations:

Adam Liaw’s Asian Cookery School (This is your guide to simple and traditional Asian home cooking)

Same Same But Different by the famous Poh Ling Yeow (The charming cookbook features all the fusion recipes, inspired by her Chinese-Malay heritage and classic Aussie favourites)

Street Food Asia by Luke Nguyen (a culinary exploration of street food in Asia)

Fun Food-Themed Gifts

These handy gift ideas are perfect for anyone who loves spending time in the kitchen and for those who are passionate about cooking:

Melbourne food experiences special gift pack

127 best Gifts for people that love to cook:

Brilliant food-related product design:

The foodie bucket list experience:

The Classic Chocolate Box

Well, if you are planning to give someone a box of chocolate for Christmas, it might as well be the best chocolate in town! Here’s a list of delicious creamy good quality chocolate you can find in Australia:

Koko Black

Adora handmade chocolates

Haigh’s Chocolate

Corporate and Private

Hens Party Ideas - How To Plan A Hands On Celebration Party

You’ve been asked to organise the hen party to beat all hen parties, keep reading for hens party ideas. Whether you’re inspired by celebrity style hen party in Bali or are after a more chilled affair in Great Ocean Road, now is the time to start planning. We have 5 amazing hen do activities.





Why Teams Teams Cook Together Work Better Together

Can My Kitchen Rules, Master Chef bring teams closer and boost productivity? A surprising number of startups are trying with cooking parties. From pizza making, dumpling cooking, amazing race and social cook off, food-loving executives are spicing up the ways they engage their team bonding.

Explore Melbourne Food Tour Followed by a Fun Cooking Experience!

According to the Economist, Melbourne is the world’s most livable city for a sixth consecutive year. Melbourne is also known as Australia’s most culturally diverse city with a population made of individuals from over 140 nations and offering a series of different culinary stations from Mediterranean cuisine to Fusion food.  Today, Australian meals are more diverse than ever influenced by many different cultures and a selection of growing interest in Asian food –Melbourne food tour .  

Organise the Best Christmas Party and End the Year with a Memorable Experience

Before you jump into any decisions, you should begin by brainstorming some interesting Christmas party ideas because everyone deserves a cool interactive activity. The following suggestions will help you drop the stress factor and carry on with the merry-jolly spirit:

1. Masterchef meets the office!

Center your party on an exciting activity by booking a hands-on Asian cooking class event where not only everyone will have a lot of fun, but learn a new skill too! Group cooking is a wonderful way to connect and engage your team. The team will work together to whip up the perfect Asian culinary and enjoy delicious authentic Asian meals with complimentary sparkling wine or beer. With Christmas music in the background, some festive decorations, plenty of Asian food advice and good company, Otao Kitchen will be the perfect venue for those who are up for an interactive cooking event. Contact us today and let us do all the organising! Click here to view the cooking class options:

2. Something out of the box

Something out of the box such as enjoying the Escape Hunt Corporate Event experience, a great way to see how people think and solve some mysteries together. Click here for more details:

3. How about heading outdoors and take part in the Amazing Race?

Another perfect way to work on your teamwork skill in a dynamic way. Click here for more details:

Other factors to think about before booking:

Don’t forget to set the date, the guest list, the budget, any rewards or recognition prizes you want to present. Enquire now to get a tailored quote!

Team Building Cooking

Team Building Cooking

Take your team out for hands on cooking class inspired Asian Restaurants. The subtle variations by cuisines and the...

Duration 3 Hours

From AUD $125 Book now

Team Building Activities

Explore Asia through foods and cooking

Fresh produces at Farmer markets

If you keep it simple and buy ingredients at farmers’ markets, the food can pretty much take care of itself. Do as little as possible to the food; consider leaving out an ingredient and relying on instinct. We have a list of shopping streets and farmer markets in Melbourne for you.

Eating Guide – Japanese Restaurants in Melbourne

Hakata Gensuke

168 Russell Street, Melbourne, 03 9663 6342 | 4/860 Glenferrie Rd · (03) 9819 2558

Hakata Gensuke is a Japanese noodle shop located at 168 Russell Street in Melbourne CBD. The business has two Japanese restaurants in Melbourne. They are specialized in broth noodle soup and Tonkotsu Ramen and Tsukemen. Chef Kousuke Yoshimura started Hakata tonkotsu ramen to Melbourne. No booking so just need to line up. We love our best ramen experience here.

Izakaya Den

Basement, 114 Russell Street, Melbourne, 03 9654 2977

The underground basement combines industrial with Japanese cartoon mascot – Master Den. They serve small bites – Japanese tapas dishes ready to share for the table. This is one of few Japanese restaurants in the area take booking for lunch and group 5-20 people. Their classic dishes are den chicken, sweet corn kakiage, tuna tataki, grilled pork belly with Japanese sake, beers and Victorian wines. We love their Scallops with wasabi oil hit.


Ground floor, 1 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, 03 9639 9500

This Kappo-style eatery where you pick from a list of 40 ingredients and let chef Kentaro Usami create five, seven or nine Japanese courses. This is Japanese eatery that serves crumbed quail legs, caviar-dotted pearl meat, snapper, tofu and sweetcorn, and Japanese style tartare with lobster, salmon, sea grapes, crunchy black sesame crumbs.


Lower level, Collins Place, entry via 56 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, 03 9654 8933

Kenzan first opened its doors in 1981 and are known for our wide selection of sushi and a la carte menu for both lunch and dinner. Try agedashi tofu with mushrooms and ginger or ethereal chawan mushi packed with seafood and crisp vegetables. 


396 Bay Street, Port Melbourne, 03 9646 2296

Request seats at the counter if you want to watch Hokkaido-born owner-chef Motomu Kumano prepare sashimi and sushi that goes beyond the familiar. Try crisp school prawns with garlic salt, and prising Tasmanian periwinkles in sea urchin garlic butter from their shells.


4 Lord Street, Richmond, 9429 5180

Tucked down a one-way street in Richmond is Minamishima, the most intimate Japanese dining experience in Melbourne. Omakase involves placing faith in the integrity of the chef. There is no a la carte menu; this is a journey through a progression of courses with the utmost focus on texture, balance and appearance, as decided by the chef.


3 Church Street, Hawthorn, 9853 6002

For more than 21 years we have been tempting Melburnians with contemporary Japanese flavours meticulously prepared from the freshest ingredients. Their menu encourages shared dining whereby traditional techniques are combined with tastes and textures. Try crunchy-springy prawn dumplings dipped in green tea salt. 

Tempura Hajime

60 Park Street, South Melbourne, 03 9696 0051

Situated in Park Street in South Melbourne, it maintains its Good Food Guide award as an one Chef Hat Restaurant and has so since 2008. Highly recommended. Try their prawns and urchin roe stuffed scallops

DIY Japanese Cooking Essentials

DIY Japanese Cooking Essentials

Add spice to your dumplings, noodles, rices, burgers and more while raising your metabolism. This DYI Hot Chilli...

Duration 0 Hours

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Ultimate Japanese Gourmet Food Tour

Ultimate Japanese Gourmet Food Tour

Japan showcases a culturally fascinating past that blends into phenomenal country today. With iconic Mount Fuji,...

Duration 14 DAYS

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Japanese Cooking Class Master

Japanese Cooking Class Master

Inspired with simplicity and popular foods of Japan. Brilliant for things to do in the weekend, gift voucher or...

Duration 4 Hours

From AUD $185 Book now

Best things to do in melbourne on a rainy day!

Here is the best things to do in melbourne on a rainy day, from cheap and cheerful restaurants to learn to make Vietnamese Foods at Otao Kitchen

Vegetarian is not a dirty word

Researchers argue that while the human body can digest meat, we are actually designed to be herbivores. For example; our molars are flat and blunt making them more ideal for grinding, not gnashing and tearing. All herbivores share this same feature.

People often mistakenly associate a vegetarian diet with low energy levels and poor health. But did you know that soybeans actually contain more protein per quantity than pork or chicken? And a plant-based diet actually increases the body’s metabolism, burning calories up to 16% faster compared to a meat-based diet! Fruit also contains natural sugars that are low GI giving you a fantastic natural source of energy that will last longer without that nasty come down effect.

Cooking vegetarian recipes is not only easy and delicious, there are many added health benefits and dollar savings to be had. Vietnamese vegetarian uses a mass of fresh, tasty and sustainable ingredients.

In our new Veg Out Vegetarian cooking class, you will discover a range of tantalising recipes that will deliciously add to your existing cooking repertoire.

Join Chef Ha who will teach you how to make Vegetable rice paper rolls, a sizzling Vietnamese pancake filled with mushroom, mung beans and sprouts, and tofu in a zingy tomato, chilli and spring onion sauce. Finish it all off with the incredible ‘Che Bap’; a beautiful sweet corn, sesame and coconut milk dessert!

OTAO Kitchen’s Veg Out Vegetarian cooking classes kick off this week - 7 Feb @ 11am.

We have a special introductory price just for you if you get in quick!

Don’t have a cow man. Go Veg with OTAO.

The Ultimate Vegan Cooking Workshop

The Ultimate Vegan Cooking Workshop

Explore vibrant spices, beautiful sauces, fresh vegetables, tofu and beans in vegan cooking. If Asian vegan dishes...

Duration 3 Hours

From AUD $1225 Book now