Why with us


Best Cooking School in Australia for Asian foods

Looking for unique best cooking school in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane or Australia? Learning Asian cooking at Otao Kitchen brings you the opportunity to create wonderful memories with your loved ones, friends, and family members. Our classes offer you a unique cooking experience, where you cook, share, eat, and bond together. 

How do we help you turn perfect cooking into a reality?

Everyone loves to watch cooking shows on TV and star chef demonstrations of Asian cooking. Lots of us are real foodies, but have trouble recreating stunning Asian dishes at home, no matter how much Master Chef you watch!

The authentic Asian experience

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a one-size-fits-all Asian cooking class which teaches you to make beautiful food from all over Asia; a stress-free, best cooking experience that offers food from Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Indian, Sri Lanka and Indonesia? That’s what Otao Kitchen brings to our students. Our Asian cooking classes in Melbourne put food from all these regions at your fingertips. You’ll get a one-off cooking experience which you can bring home to your friends and family.

Entertain your friends and family with your stunning Asian cuisine

Imagine stress-free entertaining at home and your friends’ reactions when they taste your newest Asian creation.  We’ll teach you how to professionally present your food and tell stories about Asian culture and the dishes that you make; where does the food come from? What flavours are there? Why is this food important? When and where do you eat it? You’ll be able to give your guests the gift of good food and good company.

Sharing our experience with Asian food

At Otao Kitchen, Richmond, we’ve created a one-stop Asian cooking experience. We care about our customers and when you cook with our friendly and experienced chefs, you’ll get a 100% hands-on cooking experience with true satisfaction. You’ll learn about our own stories and experiences with Asian food, the food from our childhoods and the food of our memories. OTAO Kitchen is only minutes from the CBD by car or public transport.

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Our story

We believe that cooking, eating and sharing should be an experience, not just a meal. We created OTAO Kitchen as an extension of our passion for food and to share this passion with others. Food plays an important role in our culture heritage and is central to our family life. Sharing a meal with family and loved ones is a traditional and happy experience. We wish to extend this experience to you and welcome you to OTAO Kitchen.

OTAO Kitchen is named after Ông Táo, the Kitchen God. Ông Táo is regarded as the advocate of our families to the gods and a messenger between Heaven and Earth. In preparation of a prosperous year, Our families clean their homes and polish their silver. During the New Year celebrations, Ông Táo comes to serve as the Kitchen God to  families. As the old year ends, he flys back to Heaven on a magic carp reporting on each family's life and experiences over the past year to the Jade Emperor, the King of Heaven. Ông Táo is regarded as a family member and various prayers and offerings are brought to him at the family altar.

Through our cooking classes, OTAO Kitchen offers an amazing opportunity to further understand the culture, food and cooking of Vietnam right here in Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

We aim to increase the accessibility of healthy food options and to build awareness of Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Balinese, South India and Srilanka cooking and cuisine in this regard. Our cooking classes offer you an intelligent, thoughtful and authentic cooking experience. One that is fun, adventurous and suitable for people of all ages, teams, work party, backgrounds and levels of cooking skill.

By coming to our classes you will learn to cook delicious recipes from across Asia  and you can look forward to enjoying what you cook in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with friends. The skills you will learn are fully transferable to your own kitchen and we look forward to hearing and seeing what you create at home after the class. OTAO Kitchen offers a range of cooking classes for all occasions, including regular public classes, corporate cooking classes and events, and private and group function bookings.

We have chosen a selection of marvellous dishes from across Asia for each of the cooking classes and we are delighted to teach and share these recipes with you. We look forward to seeing you soon and welcoming you into OTAO Kitchen’s Asian cooking schools in Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth soon.