Covid-19 Information Hub

Update 29 Mar 2021

Otao kitchen is compliant with the Victorian State Government’s Hospitality Industry Guidelines for coronavirus (COVID-19), implemented to keep our guests and community safe. 

Covid19 Safe plan 

Low risk with low number 

  • Group Size: 8-16 people. 
  • Duration: to keep at 2.5 hours, so we will have time to clean between classes
  • Available Times: 10am, 2pm, 6.30pm

Limited Dates

  • Public classes: Limited classes on Thu to Sun with more weekday classes from Jan 2021. 
  • Private and Team Building: Limited classes can be organised to Monday-Sunday at your request time.  

Managing Your Booking

  • Your existing booking have been cancelled due to the government restrictions we turned into credit for you and and marked “on hold” on our system. 
  • You can (1) rebook with the classes from our Calendar HERE (2) select option for “invoice” (3) write your old booking number in the comment box or send us the details by email (4) make sure you received confirmation otherwise contact us.
  • If you booked through Redballoon, they have called back all the vouchers, please ask them to manage your changes. 
  • If you booked through Weteachme or ClassBento, you can let us know the new date so we can shift the credit for your new date.

What does the new schedule look like?

What is Covid19 impact on cooking class terms and conditions?

  • COVID-19 isn’t a food-borne illness. However, safe handling and preparation of food will help reduce the chance of picking up the illness through touching surfaces which have the virus on them. Our staff will be extra careful in following food safety advice you can help prevent the spread of disease. READ MORE 
  • If you are unable to travel due to Covid-19 government restrictions, all cancellation fees will be waived and a change of date or gift voucher to the full value of the deposit paid will be issued, valid for three years. This policy does not apply for bookings made while restrictions are in place for your area. Please wait until after restrictions have lifted before making a reservation.

Things to know before you come

  • Upon entering you will be greeted by our chef. Please do not come (1) if you have flu-like symptoms, (2) be in contact with suspected/probable/confirmed case of COVID-19 
  • Please put your jackets and bags under the kitchen table where you locate so it can be separated from other guests.
  • We are thoroughly sanitising our kitchen with stronger hospital-grade products
  • We've made hand sanitiser available in our kitchen and you are encouraged with regular hand washing
  • Our kitchen is equipped with gloves, hand sanitiser and face masks if you forget one
  • This is a very unsettling time, but we're doing everything we can to keep you and our people safe. Be kind to others and have patience. If you're not feeling well, please let us know and do not come.

Please stay at home and let us know ASAP so we plan not to prepare foods for you?

  • feel sick or are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.
  • were in contact of a suspected/probable/confirmed case of COVID-19?
  • If you have temperature?

Support social distancing in the kitchen?

  • For everyone's well-being and to reduce contact, we recommend you come in on time for your class at 10 am, 2 pm or 6.30 pm. 
  • We strictly monitor the duration of the class and won't accept late customers. 
  • We will provide a set of cooking station per couple or solo guests.
  • We will block-off some seats to prevent crowding so book in early.
  • We have reviewed our cleaning specifications to ensure high use areas are constantly being cleaned.

Steps taking to enable contact tracing?

  • To assist a robust contact tracing process, it's important that we have accurate contact details recorded in your booking. 
  • If you have booked directly with us, please go let us know if you have preferred contact information.
  • If you have booked through a third parties, please contact them directly if you discover your contact information is not correct.

Cleaning routines

  • We have a cleaning schedule. Some high-touch interactive or sharing will not be offered. 
  • The chef may prep some of the food to reduce the contact time.
  • High touch areas such as doors knobs, taps and benches will be sanitised frequently
  • Hand sanitiser dispenser will be available but we prefer you to wash your hands.

Questions of sitting next to someone who may have travelled?

  • In the interest of personal privacy, we won't be able to share this information, however, please rest assured we're doing everything possible to provide a safe level of social distancing for all our customers. We have all our customer contact record, and we will be cooperating with the medical authority for contact tracing.
  • This is a very unsettling time, but we're doing everything we can to keep you and our people safe. Be kind to others and have patience. If you're not feeling well, please let us know and do not come

What if I want to join but decide to postpone to a later date?

  • You can make one change where we will waive the fee. Please let us know at least 5 days as we don't waste your foods.

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