Charities and sponsorships

Community Spirit

Being in the cooking and food event business gives us many opportunities to get involved in the community locally and something we at Otao kitchen all embrace and get pleasure from. We enjoy sponsoring schools as much as the arts and its always gratifying to support many charities, social causes and local fundraisers. As much as we would like to say “yes” to all requests for assistance with fundraisers we have limitations. Request a voucher donation from Otao Kitchen for your event


Food Demonstration in events

Demonstration Cooking is a unique program sponsored by Otao Kitchen for your Community Event(s). It offers participant a perfect opportunity to experience popular our beautiful Foods and exciting Cultures. Our Food Demonstration Class is a wonderful initiative for school administrators, parent communities and event organisers by embracing your audiences’ cooking talents and increasing their exposure to beautiful healthy foods.

Each year we support dozen event organisers and schools around Melbourne and in Vietnam in Arts and culture, Education and Valuing Cultural Diversity. Each Community Event Sponsorships’ initiative will be some positively impacted your event participants given the opportunity to tell audiences about our foods and cultures.

We love everyone. However we must focus on helping our local community. Your event is our opportunity to promote healthy eating and experiences to our community within 15km from Richmond, mainly Central and South Eastern suburbs. For supporting your event(s), please email hello@otaokitchen.comau about your date/time and type of guests you will host.

Communities and Charities we’ve supported